AMD HD 6950 Outdated?


I have 6950 2gb reference, unlocked and oced 950mhz stable. Some one asked $250 usd. Should I sell it and buy hd 7850 for the same price or gts 560 ti 448 core? Or wait until kepler to release and possibly a price drop?

I am going to be playing BF3 on 1920x1080. I have i5-750 mild oc. Is it wise to get 7850 over 560 ti 448? I really want to play bf3 on ultra max setting.
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  1. that will not be an upgrade from hd 6950 2gb if ur thinking to upgrade so upgrade to cards like hd 7950,hd 7970 or wait for kepler but not that upgrade didnt worth it doesnt make any sense.:)
  2. the cards you mention arent upgrades and as far as im concerned anyways hardware isnt necessarily outdated when new hardware comes out but when its not capable of providing the performance u desire, and my 6950 runs bf3 fine with ultra settings on my 22" monitor and there arent any games out there that raise the bar that i know of!
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