You guys must be sick of this by now, but please help

I'm looking to build a new gaming rig, with photoshop and capabilities to run Engineering apps, but mostly gaming.

I am planning to use a Core i7-930 with an ASUS Sabretooth X58 and Crossfiring two AMD Radeon HD 6870s. Is this compatible/possible?

Also, I'm trying to save as much money as possible, but I realize that this might not be possible. So I'm only getting one GPU for the moment, but would like a motherboard that can crossfire two of them for upgrading later on.

I was also wondering if that i7 is overkill or not, and if I should just stick with the i5-750 instead, as I know its much cheaper to build on, but only upgradable to a certain point, which I'm trying to avoid.

Oh, and I'm a first time builder :)

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  1. According to Newegg, you can run crossfire with the motherboard, however if you want to go with the i5, once again according to Newegg, for best compatibility you'll have to switch the motherboard. But 'eh, considering I have little experience with Intel and I am against them, I wouldn't trust my word too much.
  2. I think you answered your own question ref i7 being overkill or not. I currently have the i7 950 works like a charm and very upgradable...i do know the X58 has had alot of DOA issues, i was going to get one on my last but decided to go with the asus rampage extreme III which is also crossfire/sli compatible...whats your budget like?
  3. Thanks. Do you know if this setup would be overkill or not?
  4. and neg on overkill i7 is already on its second gen processors, so why go back 3 gens for a so so processor now days. most o the i7s come unlocked with great ovc potential
  5. Sorry about the above post, I forgot to hit the F5 key again...

    My budget is ~$1000. I'm trying to create a build that will last me a few years with only upgrades

    Also going with stock sound card until I can save up the money for a decent one.

    750W should be enough for power supply, right?

    So far I've heard only good things about the i7 (excluding Ivy Bridge), so I think I'll be going with that. Now I have to deal with the more expensive chipset, but at least it will be upgradable in the future
  6. Anything else anyone can tell me?
  7. The PSU wattage that you'll need will also depend on your GPU, fans, etc. Do you want someone to build you a computer or..? Your question wasn't clear from the last response, besides about the PSU, that is.
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