Refurbished cards any good?

hi. i was wondering the quality of refurbished graphics cards. Are they ok in quality? what are things to be careful of?

thanks! :lol:
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  1. They have a short warranty.

    this card is good.

    for refurbished there is nothing wrong with refurbished gpus they have being old or having some problem but it has been fixed by the manufacturer or made like a new one.:)
  3. Last year I got a PNY refurbished gtx465. It runs great. I was even able to flash the bios and turn it into a 470 (at lower clocks). It now lives at my buddies house in his i5 box.
  4. Refurbished card are all card returned no matter the reason. Refurbished products are generally bench tested and certified by the authorized service centers of the company and then re-packaged, labeled as a Refurbished Product. Most mechanical fixes are by trained technicians who work for the original company that distributed the product. These cards should work without problem. Most all have a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Here are a few examples if you are unsure.
    Working cards:
    Cards were color was disliked.
    Step up programs such as EVGA's.
    Consumers that just simply take advantage of liberal return policy's.
    cards with scratches, dents or other forms of cosmetic damage.
    minor defect fixed:
    Cards needing a replaced memory chip.
    sorter dialoged on connectors.

    While this is true do not pay any where near full price as these cards may have been over clocked. They may have a diminished life expectancy.

    Do not think this is the same as open boxed items.
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