How many Crossfire bridges needed?

Hey everyone,

So I have a HIS HD4850 GDDR3 and a Palit HD4870 Sonic Dual GDDR5. Right now I've got 1 Crossfire bridges connecting them but will adding another greatly impact on my performance?

AMD Phenom x3 8600 (stock until cooler arrives)
Asus M3A32-MVP WiFi/AP
4x512mb pc6400 dual channel
WD Caviar Blue HDD
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    You should really think about upgrading to more RAM.2GB is most likely bottlenecking everything in your rig.

    Their was a review I found a while back that covered using more than 1 crossfire/SLI bridge but I can't find it.Basically it stated that their was a very slight increase in performance,roughly 1-3%.But that's a very small amount.Really you only need bridge if your just running a dual card setup.I would worry about it.
  2. only 1 bridge is needed!there are 2 connectors for those wanting to run tri/quad fire.
  3. You don't have to use both, but I too saw test that showed a tiny increase in performance, but it definitely didn't adversaly effect anything.

    I'm using 2 bridges; it's the best place to keep that second bridge from getting lost anyways, so wether I get something out of it or not is not a goal.
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  5. Thanks, I guess I won't have to spend extra on another bridge and yes I am planning to upgrade my ram soon.
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