Budget graphic card for an i3 2120

need advice for a GPU for an i3 2120.my budget is kind of tight.i am building up this PC mainly for gaming.my PC components are..

i3 2120
intel motherboard 61WW

also don't know about motherboards.suggest me a motherboard so that i can upgrade to an ivy bridge later.i am considering these two GPUs-ATI radeon HD 5450 and 5570.Please help me out.

Thanks to all in advance.
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  1. I'm pretty sure almost all of the P67 and Z68 motherboards are Ivy Bridge compatible but they might require a BIOS update.

    What is your budget for the card and motherboard?

    What PSU are you going to use?
  2. You can get a Radeon 6990 if your motherboard supports it.

    Realistically though a 6870 will be just fine.
  3. ^
    It's a budget build...
  4. for budget gaming:
    radeon hd 6570, 6670, 6750 or 6770 depending on budget. sapphire, gigabyte, xfx, asus, msi make good gfx cards.
    5450, 5570 aren't really suitable for gaming. 5570 is decent for low res. gaming, but it won't run latest title at very high settings at high resolutions. 5450 is similar to intel's hd3000 integrated graphics.
    it's hard to recommend without knowing exact budget, preference and full current specifications.
  5. Rumors says Z68 Motherboard Will support Ivy Bridge, Well I'm not really sure, but it's just a rumor, it's maybe not accurate. By the way, i3-2120 will let you skip Ivy Bridge in my opinion.

    You can get Z68 here:


    The graphics card you can get depends on your budget, as 5570 is $60-$75 so I guess that is your budget, at that budget I recommend this:


    It also depends on your Power supply, while it really doesn't matter that much, it still depends.
  6. that's the problem with rumors, always take it with a grain of salt. it won't be known for sure until ivy bridge comes out and gets tested.
    the rumors and leaks i've read states that ivy bridge will be supported on h61, h67, p67 and z68 motherboards after a bios update. afaik, msi, asrock has made ivy bridge's bios update available across their motherboard lineup. the chipsets that will not support are intel's corporate series b and q chipsets.
  7. Ivy Bridge is still 1155.I don't understand why it wouldn't work,but yes I guess it's still a rumor because Intel hasn't officially said it does.
  8. z68 mobo and for i3 2120 an hd 5670 will be an nice choice.:)
  9. Why go for IB? Seriously, if you really are on budget, upgrading to Ivy , in all likeliness, will not give you a significant boost unless the CPU is at least two to three tier higher that you currently has, and premium price its tagged with will made you reconsider even more. That money should spent on much wiser like say better GPU or even doubles them or a faster memory.

    A 5570 is nice, but whatever GPU you choose you should consider your own video output resolution. If your screen does support High Definition, a 5570 is a no-no. You'll need at least a 6770 for medium settings on most games on 1920 res or so. Or a 5670 if they're still available, for lower settings.
  10. The integrated graphics of the i3-2120 is about as strong as a $50 discrete graphics card. It is enough for HD movie playback and some games.
    If you are on a budget, you might want to just use the integrated graphics and see how you do.

    I think Intel has stated that current 1155 motherboards will be compatible with ivy bridge, needing only a bios update.
    Here is a decent budget motherboard for $50:

    I would suggest a 8gb(2 x 4gb) ram kit. Ram is cheap, and the motherboard has only two ram slots:

    For gaming, particularly fast action games, the graphics card is the most important component.
    Get the best card you feel comfortable paying for.
    Read this tom's article for guidance:

    Your psu requirements are gated by the graphics card.
    For a card with a single pci-e 6 pin connector, look at a 450-500w psu.
    For a card with two pci-e 6 pin connectors, look at a 550-600w psu.
    Do not skimp on psu quality.
    Stick with a known quality brand. Antec, Corsair, XFX, PC P&C, and Seasonic are all safe purchases.

    You can buy a good functional case for <$50.
    But, cases are a personal thing, so splurge if you find a case you love. You will be looking at it for a long while.
  11. you never specified your location, so recommending parts is a bit difficult. if you're from india, you can find motherboards like asus p8h61 m plus v2 @ 3500 inr, 6570 cards for around 5000~ inr, 6670 @ 6000-6500 inr, 6770 @ 6800-7300 inr, corsair 500CXV2UK 500 watts @ 3500~ inr, or cx 430 v2 @ 2400 inr. i searched some indian shopping sites. but i've heard that indian shops charge less than indian shopping sites. if that's true, you might be able to find those parts at a lower price at a local shop.
    others already posted newegg prices.
  12. hey, i exactly don't that how much a psu matters for gaming build.by the way i don't know its brand exactly but its a 450W supply. i am still confused about the GPU and the mobo.PLEASE suggest me one that's value for money.
    anyways my location is INDIA
  13. budget for the motherboard is $80
    and for the GPU is $100.
    i don't know much about a PSU.i am currently using a 450W psu. suggest me a good one.
  14. shivaaa said:
    hey, i exactly don't that how much a psu matters for gaming build.by the way i don't know its brand exactly but its a 450W supply. i am still confused about the GPU and the mobo.PLEASE suggest me one that's value for money.
    anyways my location is INDIA

    i got my prices from flipkart and the it depot. your local prices may vary.
    psu is the most underrated yet very important part of a pc. if you have a weak/bad psu you will face random crashes, poor gmaing performance, overall system instability and possibly permanent damage. since psu is directly connected to parts like motherboard and gfx card, it can harm them easily. if your psu came bundled with your pc, i am guessing it's a cheap oem psu. may be a coolermaster/zebronics psu. corsair cx430 v2 and cx500 v2 are both cheap psus, but they perform well. you should try to determine which brand your psu is. if it's a good one, you might not need to buy a new one.
    for gaming gfx card is priority. that's why the entry level asus h61 and cards like 6570-6770.
    you also never specified your gaming resolution (1280x720 or 1920x1080 etc), budget.
    btw, since you're choosing the parts individually, you should have some idea on how those perform. google search some gfx card reviews. i suggest checking tom's best gfx cards for money article and start from there.
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