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I built my computer a year ago and recently while I play games, such as BF3, BF2 PR, ME3, and Mafia 2 my computer would shut off after about 5 minutes of playing. This started happening while I was playing the demo for ME3 but before it started, my computer ran the game fine. Now whenever I try to play it just shuts off and my graphics card gets really hot. I can start it up again no problem, but I'd like to be able to use my computer for games again... I tried playing Rome: Total War to see if that would cause my computer to shut off and it doesn't not even during massive battles. I find this strange, however it is an older game.

I haven't tried watching movies or anything, but does this sound like an overheating problem with my GPU?

I have a GeForce GTX 460 and I honestly don't remember how many watts my PSU has but its a XFX Black Edition and i'm pretty sure it has about 850W.
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  1. First of all, check all temperature to all hardware and second, make sure you have at least a 600w PSU by opening your case and third, check one ram stick at a time...
  2. I'll bet the heatsink on the gpu is just full of dust, take it out and give it some canned air or something.
  3. Well i don't see power issues here. Possibly Temperature Issues. Also Is your CPU Overclocked?. is there any more info you could provide us?
  4. it is either a power issue or its bsod
    i would
    restart and press f8 untill you see boot options
    select disable automatic system restart on system failure
    load up one of those games that makes it crash report any errors you see, if it bsod i would try to update video drivers and make sure you have all youre windows updates done
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