System requirements for gta iv

My system requirements for gta iv:
windows: xp
processor: PD 3.4 Ghz
ram: 2 GB
video card: GeForce GT 520 NVIDIA 2GB
so question is will my system run gta iv.
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  1. yep you can play it with your spec minimum is :
  2. It will run, but it will be unplayable with your current system specs. GTA IV is extremely different to run (console port, bad encoding, etc.). You really need a strong quad core (you can slide with a strong dual core) with a decent graphics card to get the game to run smoothly (25 to 30FPS).
  3. No, it won't play. Your GPU is too slow, your CPU is too slow, and you don't have enough RAM. That isn't a gaming system.
  4. is a helpful site if you want a general idea of how your computer will handle a game
  5. You can expect around 13-20 Frames Per second with that setup. The game will be playable but it will look choppy and you will experience some lag. It will play the older Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas perfectly though. If You haven't already played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas then I suggest you give it a look.
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