CPU FAN ERROR + Overheating on New Build! 3930k + p9x79WS Help pls!

Hi guys,

New to this forum etc hope I can get some help from some more experienced folk :)

Had my first build yesterday, put it all together and afterwards booted up, installed windows and restarted.
Got the "CPU FAN ERROR" and after I let it running I got a "CPU OVERHEATING ERROR too"

Checking the EFI it showed the CPU fan speed to be N/A then changed to ranging about 180rpm -222rpm (the bar was red)
It also showed the CPU temperatures to be at 71 degrees Celsius and increased till the bar was red.

Here were the specs:

- i7-3930k
- Asus P9x79 WS
- Corsair H100 Water Cooler
- 4x4gb Mushkin cl7 1600mhz (Which shows up as 1333mhz but that will be another issue for another time :[ )
- Corsair 800D case
- FSP Aurum 1200w psu

The rest won't matter I think. Anyway, I do believe I installed the H100 properly, ALL fans are running at what appears to be at appropriate speeds.
I've looked all over the internet about this issue and it's common BUT people don't get the CPU Overheating error too :(

ANY help would be appreciated as this is rather urgent and I need to get it all set up and installed to do uni work.

If anyone has a similar/same setup and could take photos of the plugs going wherever, that would be great!

THanks guys :)
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    Have you OC'd your chip at all? And did you plug in the 3-Pin connector into the CPU fan header? Also did you connect the molex that's connected to the H100?

    However, I'm more concerned about your H100...I'm suspecting a dead pump.
  2. Have you trying different speed settings on the H100, and if so can you hear the fans blowing air? Can you hear the pump?

    Also like mocchan said, did you properly plug in the 3-Pin header to the CPU fan header, and if not please make sure it is. And on that note make sure the screws on the CPU block are tight enough. Make sure you cannot wiggle the block, otherwise you are likely not getting a strong connection.
    Also did you remove the thermal paste that was included on the block? The block should have come with thermal paste pre-applied to it, and if it does not then you have to put thermal paste on it.
  3. Hi guys, thanks so much for the replies!

    @Mocchan- No everything is stock. Haven't altered anything. It is plugged in properly I believe including the 3-pin connector in the fan header. The fan header on the Motherboard is a 4 pin one I think- does that matter?
    Molex is in as the lights come on and I'm able to change the speeds on the block.
    There are two headers, left labelled CPU_FAN and the right labelled CPU_OPT. I've plugged the 3 pin header into the left labelled CPU_FAN and have got nothing in CPU_OPT.

    @jase- Yeah I've tried all the settings, they don't seem to do anything (i.e. no change in loudness in fans etc). Fans are running but I don't know if I can hear the pump. I've never had a water cpu cooler before so I wouldn't know what it sounds like but I can hear no sound.

    I'll tighten the cpu block (it moves a tiny bit around).
    Haha I did not remove the thermal paste on the block however tempted I was to just run my fingers through it...

    Thanks for you help guys!
  4. Unhook all the fans from the H100 water block and put your ears next to it. See if you can hear any noise from the block itself.

    If you can't..well then you know you have a dead pump and you'll need to RMA :( This is what I think is the likely culprit after what you have described unfortunately.
  5. ^
    Probably a dead pump/faulty block.

    You say you hear no difference in sound between the settings? The fans alone should get loud on the highest setting and silent on the lowest. If the power is hooked up to the block right you need to RMA.

    Double check the molex plug, try plugging it into another molex plug on your power supply cables. I doubt thats wrong but its also possible the molex plug is not fully connected(they are hard to plug and unplug), make sure its plugged in fully(takes a lot of force sometimes).

    Otherwise I would RMA, I have read about people saying that the pumps are sometimes failed when they get it.
  6. I would agree with don't want to use your PC with the pump not moving any water...don't want to put that $500+ CPU to waste.
  7. Thanks for that guys. I took it back to the store and they replaced it straight away with a brand new one.

    Hooked it up and swapped the power cables and it started up!

    Thanks for all your help guys :)
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