First pc build (gaming and editing)

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the month if possible, after that I might not be able to for a while

Budget Range: I'd like to keep it around 1500, but I'm willing to go as high as 2000 if necessary

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming while recording with fraps (youtube commentary), video editing

Parts Not Required: I'm building this completely from scratch so I'm gonna need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a decent pair f headphones with a mic

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: United States

Parts Preferences: Anything that works :)

Overclocking: maybe (if it requires to much maintenance with cooling and everything then I won't bother)

SLI or Crossfire: Only if it really impacts graphics

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: I'm going to be using this pc for gaming commentary so I need to be able to record games without to much of an impact on fps. Also, it would be helpful if it were quite, just so it doesn't show up in recordings. Finally, any suggestions on a good video editing software?
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    The PC:

    CPU: intel core i7 3770k/$350
    MB: ASUS P8Z77-V LK/$145
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950/$400
    RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB/$90
    PSU: OCZ ZS Series 750W/$90($65 after MIR)
    SSD: Crucial M4 128gb/$125
    HD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1tb/$110
    Optical drive: Asus 24x OEM/$18
    Case: Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower/$100
    CPU cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212/$30($20 after MIR)
    (you could always add a bluray drive if you wanted)

    Grand Total: $1,458($1423 after rebates)

    That's a solid build that should be able to smash through any game.

    You have $550 to buy monitor,OS,keyboard and mouse. I'll let you do that part.

    Good luck with your build!
  2. Thanks a lot, looks like a pretty decent build, and I'm happy you left me with some money left over ;)

    One thing, do you think it would be able to handle me running fraps while playing, and also would it be able to handle video editing?
  3. will definately handle fraps. The cpu&video card are top of the line. and say a year or two down the road you may want another video card. No problem, just pop another in and you can crossfire. The build is definately future proof. Also the 128gb ssd will really speed things up. You will use this for your games & OS.

    As far as video editing that shouldn't be a problem at all. The 3770k supports hyper threading which is very useful in these scenarios.

    This build is a killer;)

    Also you may want to consider a modular PSU. (Modular means you only plug in the cables you need). This will cost a little more but it will offer better airflow and a cleaner looking case. Just something to keep in mind. If you'd like one I can refer you to a good one.

    Game on!
  4. Thanks, I'm super exited about this build now :D One last thing about the modular PSU is could you refer me to one. Also, since this is a first time build would it be anyomore difficult to install because if so I would rather not. Thanks for all the great help
  5. Here is a nice one that comes to $120($90 after MIR). This is the one I have also. Pretty sweet:)
    As far as difficulty it is actually easier to install a modular PSU. You just choose the cables you need to plug in vs trying to find the ones you need(there's alot).

    One other thing,you may want to check out newegg's "how to build a computer" on youtube. It's in three parts. The first talks about selecting parts,the second is building it an the third is installing the OS&drivers. I found this super helpful. It really covers most everything.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
  6. Thanks a ton. I finally think I'm ready to build my first computer (fingers crossed). Thanks for the info about the video tutorials, I'll make sure to check them out.
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  8. One last thing that I just noticed, it looks like for some reason the i7 3770k has dissapeared, and all I can find is the i7 3770s. Is that a suitable replacement?
  9. The k means it is overclockable so if you want to overlock make sure the model has a k at the end.
  10. alright thanks I don't really need to overclock, it overcompicates things for me. It was weird though, I had it in my shopping cart and then it dissapeared, and I couldn't find it in the search :??: .
  11. The 3770 will preform on par with the k version but no OC. You can purchase the 3770k at for $380 or wait for newegg to come back in stock(shouldn't take too long,usually a couple days). Hope you can find one.

  12. also, if you need more ssd storage, the chronos deluxe 240gb is a top notch drive as it uses toshiba nand. you can save a couple of bucks by bying a antec 302 or the antec 1. both of them are cheaper and good cases
  13. TheBigTroll said:
    also, if you need more ssd storage, the chronos deluxe 240gb is a top notch drive as it uses toshiba nand. you can save a couple of bucks by bying a antec 302 or the antec 1. both of them are cheaper and good cases

    If he wants more space I'd go with the Crucial m4 256gb. Only $200 and an excellent drive. But 128gb is certainly enough for OS&games and if he runs out he can always add another 128gb.
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