Changing audio device program/monitor dependent?

Mmk so... My problem is... I have three "monitors" (two actual monitors and a TV) - Two GPU's. One monitor plugged into one GPU, the other monitor in the other GPU, and the TV plugged into HDMI in the first GPU. Visuals all working great. However, I really want to delegate audio per monitor (or at least per program?) Like for example, I have cartoons playing for my son on the TV (via HDMI vid/sound) and I want to play a game on one of the monitors (and have my browser in the other... which I am sure I can figure out how to do that part :P)
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  1. more than one audio output is entirely dependant on the program in question. Windows itself only supports 1 audio device so whatever program is running the extra video output (your sons cartoons?) must also support outputing sound thru a secondary device. I would suggest moving the tv to the secondary gpu and then using VLC to play his cardtoon which would allow you to use the secondary gpu's hdmi sound.
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