Which GPU For BF3/MW3 - GTX570 or 6950?

I am trying to decide between 2 graphics cards for my new build for gaming. I will be playing BF3/MW3/ and other games.

I am stuck between these 2 cards..

Which one would be a better choice? I know the 570 is more expensive, but the 6950 has more vram, and is cheaper. Will the 6950 run BF3 and other games maxed?

What card should I get?
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  1. bumpp
  2. The HD7870 are just coming out. ;)
  3. Embra said:
    The HD7870 are just coming out. ;)

    When are they? :(
  4. Best answer
    ren3gade said:
    When are they? :(

    about 10 days or so. Read the article here on this website on the mainpage.... It looks like people who were on the fence my want to jump... the 7870 looks sexy as heck, seems to perform = or maybe 5% lower than the 580 at only 350 bucks and 30% less power usage.
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