Calling all ATI 7970 owners!! Help needed (older games)

Hi guys,

So I've been enjoying this card quite a bit in modern titles but the more I go back to play some of my older games the more issues I run in to.

I was wondering if other users of this card could let me know if these issues are widespread or something to do with my own setup? I have the latest version of windows and drivers.

Some games that are causing issues with latest driver (12.2 pre cert):

Quake 4 (stuck on lowest settings)
Amnesia (pulsating blood stuff on walls shows as flat texture)
Rayman 2 the great escape (everything is blurry or missing)
RAGE (massive lag and slow loading textures)
Doom 3 (screen flickering on desktop bottom and top after playing)

Can you 7970 owners out there set my mind to easy? Are these just driver issues? Will they be fixed? Can anyone else confirm these problems? Are there 7970 owners with issues in other older games?

I'd hate to think that the older games in my steam library will become unplayable in the future with GPU upgrades....

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Well I own the 7950...however my computer is not set up yet as I haven't received my case!

    However - I did notice that AMD is apparently releasing fully WHQL driver in late feb early march (well its march it should be here anytime).

    Have you tried running driver sweeper, and re-installing your 12.2 drivers?
  2. Yes I have driver swept and reinstalled several times,as far as I know the new drivers will just have the windows mark on them? There are no other changes to the current pre cert drivers??

    I can't be the only person with this problem, can anyone else confirm these issues please? Even if it is on the 77xx or 78xx series?
  3. I can't imagine that it is the graphic card drivers. I have a Sapphire 7970 and have recently been playing Mass Effect 1 with no issues, which is much older than a game like RAGE.

    A point with RAGE: The game has slow loading textures anyways. It is the downside of an otherwise amazing engine. Should be maybe .5 seconds though, anything over that is an issue.

    Have you tried messing with CCC settings? Try turning all settings to default, or even turning them to the lowest possible setting. If that fixes it, pick a setting and start turning it up until you get an issue. Also, you could try running the game in compatibility mode, just to test it out.

    Also, my CCC registers 12.3 as the latest driver.

    List of "older" games I play with no issues:

    Mass Effect 1 and 2
    Half Life 2
    Starcraft 2
  4. Yes, I've checked my software tab in CCC and I'm running the same driver 12.3. An awful lot of older games are fine, I can play ME1 and ME2 just fine, even quake 2 and doom 1 and 2 are fine.

    There is something in in the id tech 4 and 5 that's making those games run terribley. Amnesia the dark decent has issues too, I'm noticing that all of the games I've had issues with are OpenGL (apart from Rayman 2 which is DX6) but not all OpenGL games have issues.

    Can anyone else try Quake 4 by any chance? I really doubt it could be CCC settings, most of them are just related to filtering and frame syncing.

    I'm assuming it's just drivers and I hope it will be fixed...
  5. If no one else has checked by tonight, I will load it up and try it out for you.
  6. Thanks a lot for the help :), will put my mind at easy. Then I can start bugging AMD for a fix :P!
  7. Bump! Can anyone else please comment on this issue? Just trying to find the root cause of the problem.
  8. I know your GPU is supposed to be in the first X16 slot of your motherboard, but have you tried switching to the other x16 slot if theres room? Sometimes that can clear up some issues.
  9. I will give it a shot when I have the time, but my old 5870 didn't have any issues with this slot.
  10. Well you want to try anything....and heres your chance! And like you mentioned...your old 5870 didn't have a problem in the slot...maybe your new card does.
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