New Video Editing/Motion Graphics Build.. Need Advice!

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever post, but I have read loads of the communities threads before,
and have learnt loads of interesting information. I have never built a PC before
but am about to pull the trigger on components for a new build that I will be
using exclusively for video editing, after effects, 3D and general graphic design.

This is what I have put together, I would really appreicate any feedback before I

Intel Core i7 3770K

Noctua NH-D14

Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H

Corsair Vengeance 4 X 8GB

MSI GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr OC 2GB

Crucial M4 128GB

Samsung Spinpoint F3 2 X 1TB

Pioneer BDR-206DBK BD-RE

Corsair TX750M

Fractal Design Define R3

My biggest point of contention right now is to whether to go for a 3770k or a 2700k?
I will be overclocking the CPU to max I can with stability, I have heard with the 3370K I
will be looking at 4.5GHZ while 2700K would possibly go up to 5GHZ. As my apps
are very CPU intensive, which of these two will serve me best? And will it be advisably to go
for water cooling for the 3770K or would the Noctua be sufficient and if I am going air, would
a 212 Evo be good enough to save some money?

I have decided to go for the Gigabyte board as it is a good price for the latest chipset and as I don't
game, will not need dual graphics, though the other option is ASUS P8Z68-V LX which
looks good but doesn't provide front USB 3.0 support for my R3 Case, but heard it's
a good overclocker.

Anyway, please give me any suggestions you have, I'm looking for this system to take
me to the Release of Adobe CS7 in 2014, so don't want any regrets and hopefully
will be able to sell in on for a little by then too.

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  1. Hello,

    For your system since you will be doing a lot of CPU intensive work - I would suggest going with the 3770K. The 3rd gen I5/i7 has about 7% better IPC than 2nd gen I5/i7.

    Please note as well - not all CPU's perform identically. One might be able to OC to 5Ghz, and another exact same CPU from the same batch might only do say 4.7Ghz.

    As for water cooling, for somewhat of an expensive system, I would advise against it.

    This is just due to the fact of a slightly harder install than a regular HSF (I might get bashed for saying that, lol). For the Noctua vs 212 Evo - I would pick whatever one is cheaper, as they perform nearly the same.

    Also here is a reference for Windows 7 RAM support:


    Limit on X86

    Limit on X64

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Professional

    4 GB

    192 GB

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    4 GB

    16 GB

    Windows 7 Home Basic

    4 GB

    8 GB

    Windows 7 Starter

    2 GB


    You would need at least Windows 7 Pro to use all 32GB of RAM.
  2. The new CS6 and Vegas are big on OpenCL compute and gpu acceleration on a pro card.

    So your CPU is really more for show . . .
  3. That's a nice list Chainsaw, but did it have to be two pages long? :)
  4. Proximon said:
    That's a nice list Chainsaw, but did it have to be two pages long? :)

    ...My bad! Apparently editing is a problem for me today! :P

    Plus you know, copying and pasting. lol.

    Wisecracker has some excellent advise though.
  5. Now, for the rest.

    You need to be clear about the RAM. That's not enough info.

    Aggressively overclocking obviously carries financial risk, both in parts and time. If you are set on that, then the i7 2700K is your best option.

    You do not need to use extreme water cooling to get good results. An H100 will do the job with no fuss, and it's easier to install in the right case.

    A list of compatible cases with the H100

    How the H100 compares to air cooling:

    If you choose that cooler, get a case that will accept push/pull fans on it... that's 4 fans. That's how you get good cooling.

    Finally, depending on your specific programs that GPU may not be what you need.
    Note that some newer cards are listed as having a "compute capability" of 3.0.

    Tests in CS5 would argue that CPU does play an important role:,3181-15.html
  6. Thanks everyone, really great input.

    @Wisecracker: From what I understand, the GTX 560 Ti can support OpenCL and I
    don't necessarily need to get a pro Quadro card?

    I've also chosen the GTX 560 Ti as it is on the CUDA supported list and
    also has 2GB VRAM which will help with larger files.

    @Proximon: My Ram is Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800C10 1600MHz.

    Something on one of your links got me thinking, I quote:

    "What can you expect from a Core i7-3770K at 4.5 GHz compared to
    a Core i7-2700K at 4.7 GHz? Nearly exactly the same performance,
    it turns out. Though I’m not entirely certain you’d want to leave
    the -3770K running with one core at 88 degrees for very long, it is stable."

    So basically at realistic overclocks, both processors performs the same, but
    the 3770K will be crazy hot and not recommended to keep it that way for long periods.. which would not suit me as I will routinely be doing all night renders.

    So at the moment, I'm thinking my system looks okay, I don't think the R3 will
    support a H100, so I think I will go for a 212 Evo with Push/Pull.

    I'm still undecided on the CPU, I'm veering towards the 3770K, just because
    it's newer, but am worried about how the heat might present a problem at 4.5Ghz
    and long renders. Anyone got opinions on this?
  7. Quote:
    It's worth mentioning one set of things that Premiere Pro CS5 doesn't process using CUDA: encoding and decoding.


    the newly enhanced Adobe Mercury Playback Engine that incorporates OpenCL™ heterogeneous compute for the very first time on a number of Apple® MacBook Pro laptops


    You will not be able to use OpenCL for GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows.


    How do you like Vegas? :lol:
  8. It looks to me like you are buying 4 single 8GB modules? Is that right? If so be sure to get a kit instead.

    Just guessing, as I got UK sites when I googled your RAM
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