What fps can i expect?

My system - Core 2 duo E6750 @ 3.5Ghz
G.skill Ripjaws 1333 mhz ddr3 ram - 4gb
Saphire HD 5770

I am going to purchase battlefield and was wondering what kind of fps i can expect, I plan to play at medium settings, 1366x768 resoloution and on a 19 inch monitor. Could anyone offer any insight.

Thanks in advance
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  1. im assuming battlefield 3 and with that res and medium settings you will be way above 60fps i can tell you that. you can play on high settings and still be quite playable.
  2. In all likeliness, I guess you should expect somewhere around 40+ FPS on medium or high presets on that resolution. Without AA and AF. Though I maybe understating what a 5770 capable of. That's the best bet I could give you. That's enough to warrant playability.

    And your system is quite balanced, I must say.

    To get 60+ Ultra, I guess you'll need an additional core and a much more substantial GPU.

    Edit: typo :p
  3. Yh i did mean battlefield 3 and thank you very much guys i was really not expexting it to be that good :)
  4. That CPU might bottleneck you a bit, but you'll be fine at medium settings, and probably playable on high settings.
  5. battlefield 3 is very much so a gpu intensive game. it can make due with really old shitty processors.

    here is about the best example of this.
    it clearly shows that you have to get all the way down to a a6-3650 to see any fps hit on a gtx 580. so your totally in the clear with a 5770.
    i just replaced my 5770 with a 7970 but i played the beta with my 5770 on 3 27" monitors with high settings and it was playable. and since processor doesn't matter until its crappier than yours, your quite safe. especially with such a low res.
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