Will this system play bf3?

Hi guys, ths is my first time posting so i'm hoping i've put the question in the right category :/

I'm planning on doing my first build and wanted to know how well his system would play battlefield 3

CPU: Pentium G 840 2.8ghz

Ram: 8gb ddr3 1333

GPU: ASUS HD 6670 1gb gddr5

HDD:generic 320gb

OS: windows ultimate 64bit

The only thing i cant change is the gpu (i've already got it).

I'm trying to keep the costs down but still need decent performance
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  1. what is your monitor resolution? but im guessing low to medium.
  2. 1152x864
  3. I’m not great at all the technical stuff but how many fps do you reckon I could get if I was playing on medium?
    I’m hoping to get around 25+
  4. You should be OK on medium. Just make sure you turn all AA/motion blur/HBAO stuff off. I'de bet you'de be consistantly over 30fps there. My old 5670 with a 2500k was running on high around 20-30 fps. Enjoy the game!
  5. Ya you're definitely good for medium.
  6. You're OK at decent settings with that resolution. If you move up to 1080p at some point, not so much (will have to set everything to low).
  7. well, I would think that is underpowered for BF3, although I have a much beefier setup and play and high/ultra. One thing I can say is that it will probably really struggle with large multiplayer maps. I've seen benchmarks between the i5 quad cores vs i3 dual cores and the i3 was maxed out, dropping half the frames that the bigger i5 could do. I'm also sure the FPS was too low to play.
  8. Definitely overclock the GPU, since it's a bit underpowered.
  9. obsama1 said:
    Definitely overclock the GPU, since it's a bit underpowered.

    might as well try overclocking the cpu too, get a few extra fps xD
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