Suggest me a PC

my current PC confg is:
intel core 2 duo E7400@ 2.80GHz
4gb ram
Nvidia quadro FX 580 (512mb)
everythin fine doing animation except when i use motion trails...
it really become slower..

so am planning a new confg to do smoother animations.i mostly use motion trails.

Kindly suggest me a) processor ( am planning a Core i7 2600k ) below 20k

b) motherboard ( i prefer intel, now am using gigabyte,
one of my ram slot making prob
& one ram gone)
(below 15k)

c) 8gb ram.. (wat about a 16gb ram?)

d) power supply

e)cabinet n cooler things....
f) am planning to use the same graphic card..


CPU Intel i7-3770k

suggest me good hdws.......

thank u all in advance
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  1. 3770k ($320)
    16 gigs of corsair, about $120 (4x4)
    a coolermaster 212EVO ($30)
    ASRock pro 4 Z77 ($110) (OR gigabyte, they are still n1)
    whatever GPU you need; idk what's best in video editing.

    PSU, corsair has been putting out pretty good stuff for little cash, but there's many to chose from. Also, depends on the power your system draws - which in turn depends on your GPU setup.

    also, consider a SSD, many good models from $200, 240Gb. (doesnt help for editing, but helps on everything else.)

    cases, they are a very personal thing - look at newegg and such and pick one you like, however (at the cost of repeating myself) corsair has been making some sweet looking cases.

    for the cpu, no need to go with six core, the new IB cpus are wonderful. expect 4.4-4.5Ghz on air.
  2. i found asus is better than asrock... is that so?
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  4. What are you talking about a processor for under 20k??? Perhaps you should specify a currency, since 20k should buy you 20 computers.
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