I Need Help With ISP!

ok we are moveing to other house after our internet got cut off last year ?Bigpond?
my mum gave me a job to find a internet aka isp
i have picked the
No Worries
Unlimited Data

i was just wounder because
the max download is 20mb and 1mb upload
if i give you all this info you would find out the avg speed i would get

here we go

i live at ** aruma court 3842 churchill
the adsl2 website said

You are 1012 m from CHHL as the crow flies.
Estimated cable length of 1568.6 m.
Estimated speed of 17000
Zone 1

im getting dsl
no peak

there some tree's
have a look for you're self

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  1. Dude are you kidding me? Take your address and that link down immediately. This is the internet. Don't post personal info. And no one can tell you your estimated speed but the ISP. Which they did
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