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Hi, i came here once to ask for u guys for help and u actually helped me a lot. i was hoping to get a 800$ budget computer but luckily for me i found a guy on a ebay like webpage here in panama that was selling his MSI FX720 laptop for 500bucks. i felt sorry for the guy since i found out about it i looked for it at it was over 750$ at that moment. My laptop has a i5 - 2140m, 1gb 520m 3D nvidia card, 17" lcd display, 6gb ram. The speakers are insanely loud and cristal clear, I LOVE This laptop. I really felt sorry for the guy since he had to sell it because he needed the money.

Anyway, I was worried it wouldnt run games as good as i thought but i was wrong. I play WoW on good mid-settings since i dont mind playin on low-mid-high settings since i like the games for their gameplay and not for the good graphics. I started playin DayZ (ArmaII Mod) which is a very CPU dependent game. I play it on low settings (a couple are on high) and it does get hot but not as a normal laptop would. It seems to be a very powerfull Laptop and i really feel lucky and love this laptop.

Sorry for the story but i really felt like sharing my luck. Ill go to the point.

I want to buy a pc, but since i invested almost (if not all) of my money im a little bit short. I want a gaming/streaming computer.
I can buy a computer with a 800$ budget since i'll have to ship it from miami to panama(central america). I can spend around 1k on it.

My question is.

If i get a 800$ computer takin in mind that ill most-likely have to put games on mid/high settings for the viewers to hang around.
If i get that computer now, would i regret waiting a month maybe 2 months? i can save some cash and instead of askin for u guys to help me get a 800$ computer, increase it maybe to 1100-1200$ computer.

Things I'm lookin for.

CPU - most likely i5-3750 (i read it was very powerfull for gaming) even the 8core AmD Fx buldozer processor 8150 or what u guys think it would be best.
GPU - I'll be using 2 monitors (not necesarly HDMI monitors)
Motherboards - Very well rounded motherboard hopefully will live with me a couple of years so i can upgrade stuff later.
RAM - i think this is a no thinker since ram lately is very cheap, i guess 8gb is good enough?
PSU - The safiest cheaper one out there (i know cheap and safe with a psu in the same sentence does NOT work out, but i would love some past experience on u guys with this one).

Things i already have and will use with the new computer.

Mouse - keyboard - 2 monitors - 5.1 logitech sound system - Ill get a new case - i already have 2 HDD. - Windows 7 Home and Pro

If im missing something please let me know.

I have to buy for livestreams a capture card. The new avermedia seems to do the job really good since it takes from 95-99% of the computers performance when streaming. Sad thing is that costs 210$+ and adding it up with the shipping it will kinda hurt.

If by any chance u get to set up a cheaper computer but that will stay with me for a while and handle what i need for, would be great.

Ill be playing for now Dayz guildwars2 and new games to come.

Thank you so much for the help and im sorry for this loooong post.

Ty again.

I forgot, i wont OC. ty once again.
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  1. don't forget to buy a SSD as your system hard 80-120GB SSD should be enough for you. one more thing the price of an SSD id much higher than HDD becaus SSD drives are much faster than will also give a boost to your pc.
  2. tbh i havent yet used a computer with SSD, is it worth it? i actually dont mind 7200rpm HDDs... plus SSD are kinda expensive... ill get that, but later on. Ty maninder055 for the advice :) appreciate it.
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