GTX 460 dead

hey guys last night while surfing the web my pc restarted and there was no display after that so i opened my case and saw the LED power indicators on the G.card wernt on so i checked power connects and everything was fine any idea what happen to the card ? i have tested the pci slot with an old card of mine and its working fine plus onboard works fine to>>>the 460 doesnt seem to power up when the pc is put on ,only the fans come om but no LEDs and no display

pc specs
i3 2100
8gb rams 1333mhz
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  1. what is your power supply?, also case, what computer case you have. Temps could be a issue. Drivers another, power supply also can be a major issue
  2. sorry posted by mistake
    pc specs
    i3 2100
    8gb ram @ 1333mhz
    2tb sata hdd
    and sorry dont no the name of the psu but it has a 12V1 and 12V2 at 16A and 20A please tell me if the card is dead n what caused it thanks
  3. got a strike X and case is well cooled .....i watched the temps of the card all the time , 30c at idle and 60c at load
    o and latest drivers but not sure how drivers can stop it from posting
  4. guys 40 of your'll read but only 1 replied?
  5. I am not suprised, a typical gtx 460 was built very cheaply during a time when Nvidia was losing money with every card they sold for the exception of this one. However to boost their margin on these cards they cut corners on their designs that allowed most AIBs to make very cheap cards and then sell them at high prices. The end result was cards that had overheating vram that didn't overclock well or artifacted pretty early on. The worst part was the power vrm being that it was only a 3+1 design that often wasn't cooled at all except for a little air flow from a fan. So temps well above 100c while under full load are common while the worst reported was 153c! The power vrm was only design for short periods of time at 115c max but most ran around that temp while gaming all the time so many gradually degrade over time and yours was no exception. The core is easily cooled so many thought that their cards were safe.
  6. u make alot of sense with saying that and i can believe every word and sorry i didnt mention ive got the hawk edition and with that said it is a 7 + 1 design which in my opinion is a good design coming from a stable oc of 930mhz which i personally got but understand when i say i got that OC doesnt mean i had it at that speed , i ran it at stock because i didnt need the extra power, i only OC to see what extra performance i could get from this card anyway ...... i can believe that temps coming from the vrm because when the gpu read 70c once when i had set the fans to stay at 40% for quietness i felt the card with my hand and could barely keep my hand on it for more than 2 seconds and that was with my hand on the vrm so what you think happened here plus another key part i lefted out was that the problem of not powering up is intermittent because i returned the card today to the store and it worked fine then when i got home and put it back this time round it started up and stayed on for 10mins the most then died on me again so im not sure what to think .... oh and the card is only 5months
  7. thread closed i sent the card back to MSI today
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