GTX 550 Ti vs HD 6770 Which to choose

Hi all, I have a budget gaming rig want to play wow, sc2 and skyrim on high/low ultra @ 1650x1050. After looking at thard's gpu chart it has the gtx 550 ti and 6770 at the same tier but looking at thard's individual software review's of the aforementioned games the 5770/6770 usually scores 10-15 fps more than the gtx 550. However it seems the 550 is ALOT more popular, why? Is there any reason (esp. the EVGA) gtx 550ti is more popular the the hd 5770/6770s?

I was thinking of vs or

Also any difference between the hd5770 and the 6770? Thanks for any help.

My setup i3 2100
board MSI H61M

Edit: Price range 100-120 bucks sry didn't add that before thx again!
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  1. Give us a price range, we might be able to get you better...
  2. amy9hollow said:
    However it seems the 550 is ALOT more popular, why? Is there any reason (esp. the EVGA) gtx 550ti is more popular the the hd 5770/6770s?

    Popular by definition of market share,IDK. Anyhow, I think it eventually depends on stock and demands,really. But I see no reason for purchasing 550Ti, if we negate the fact of lots of people complaining about AMD's driver. The HD6770 is a much better card compare to 550Ti if we are talking about performance/value here.

    amy9hollow said:

    There is virtually no apparent difference between them. But HD6770 should facilitates a slight updates and improvements over the old gen, despite the exact same hardware. As for the price, IDK...your 5770 link was not available anymore as I click them.

    However, why not go for 7750? It does not requires additional auxiliary power pins and on the same price as 6770 you linked, most of them, and has slight bit downfall on performance over 6770 but promises a far better efficiency on power and can overclock like crazy.
  3. jonpaul37 said:
    Give us a price range, we might be able to get you better...
    100 to 120 bucks, that seems (w/rebates) to bee the range of these two gpu's, I guess what I need is the cheapest gpu that can play skyrim and wow on high or ultra@ 1650x1050. Oh and i just saw that theres no real performance difference btw 5770 and 6770, thanks!
  4. If you have a power supply that has 2 x 6-pin connectors, might want to try and hit up the local craigslist circuit and see if you can get any deals first, you'd be surprised what you can find, otherwise, you might elect to spend a little bit more and get a 7770
  5. Overall the GTX 550 Ti is a little faster - 5% to 10% at most. You'll most likely see no difference in performance with Skyrim or WoW with either card though, especially at that rather low resolution. Go for the best deal!

    If you're willing to deal with a rebate to get to that $120 limit this one is faster than either:
  6. Nah, a GTX 460 or HD 6850 might be worth the extra $20 though. Just look where they stand in relation to the more expensive HD 7770 on those charts.
  7. It seems that with my cpu (i3 2100) i'd still be bottlenecked at my gpu with either a 5770 or gtx550ti if I wanted to push ultra (w/low aa or off) settings @1650x1050res with 50-60 fps.

    It also seems a bunch of people (and in other threads) suggest just spending 20bucks more for a hd6850 or gtx 460 and these two cards are more "balanced" for an i3 2100.

    Do my two comments sound correct?
  8. so what i'm hearing is i3 2100 it's worth it to spend a little more get a gtx 460 or hd 6850, (rather than 550ti or 6770), anyone have a preference for which?

    I don't do vid editing/encoding just gaming like i said before (little or no aa, ultra @1650x1050). I see alot of vendors selling more of the hd 6850, is there any particular reason? Thanks again for everyone's help!
  9. Also, the i3 2100 is a very capable CPU and will not bottleneck any of the video cards we've discussed.
  10. I have an i5 2500K and the 550ti. No problems at all with this video card. It is $115 at newegg at the moment. I plan on SLIing two of them when the card dips below $100.,3143-7.html
  11. Quote:
    GTX 550 Ti in SLi = GTX 570

    Thanks! 2 x 550ti = $230; 1 x 570 = $330

    So glad I bought an SLI MB!
  12. Quote:
    HD 6850 are slightly cheaper than the GTX 460 which is not even in production anymore
    and there is also a 192-bit 1GB GTX 460 that is worse in performance than the original GTX 460 256-bit.
    HD 6850 consumes less power than the GTX 460 as well.

    GTX 560 is the direct competitor to the HD 6850 since the GTX 460 is about to go bye-bye..

    Not necessarily. Its based on the GF114 chip (shared by the GTX 560 and Ti) and has a lot more overclocking headroom than the original GF104. They should top out at 925-950 Mhz on stock voltage (which a GF104 would almost certainly not be able to do) and have stock clocks a 100 Mhz higher than the 256 bit version. Most likely it won't perform worse. Also, the remaining GTX 460s on Newegg are as cheap as the HD 6850s.
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