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My Opirac DVD RW AD-7700H does not open when the release button is pressed on my Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop. Also while booting the drive led does not glow.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    There should be a manual release hole next to your optical drive door. Using a paperclip, you should be able to manually release the tray. If there is a disk in the drive that is not fully seated, it may be tricky to open and from past experience there I'd guess the disk itself will probably suffer badly during removal. There are quite a few moving parts in an optical drive (including at least two motors) so they tend to be among the shortest lived of all computer components. Replacement may be needed there.
    As far as the led for the hard drive, it is there as a convenience to let you know the drive is running so you do not do something to corrupt data, like remove battery while data is being written. Almost all hard drives (SSD's don't have this feature) create an artificial noise also to let you know it is running. If you use the windows shut down command, there shouldn't be any data loss issues.
    With the issues you are describing, you may want to reset your CMOS. The abbreviated way to do that on a laptop (which doesn't always work) is to unplug power adapter, remove battery, press and hold power for 20-30 seconds, replace battery and power adapter, try to restart.
    I can guide you through a real CMOS reset also if that does not do the trick.
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