PSU for SLI GTX 670

I'm looking to run two GTX 670 in SLI and am trying to figure out which power supply to use. From the specs it looks like I will need two 6 pin cables for each. I'll have an SSD and a single HDD in the machine so I think I can get away with a 750W supply(?)

Could I use this supply?:

Akasa Venom 750w Modular '80 Plus' Power Supply [AK-PA075AM01]

It seems to only have two 6 pin connectors so I'm unsure that it would be suitable... If it isn't or there's a better supply for the money please suggest one!

And finally, would I be able to overclock with a 750W supply or do I need to go higher?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Not really a high quality PSU and I would stay away from it. You don't need more than a good quality 650W PSU for your PC. A great deal is the XFX Core 650W:
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