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I run a Karaoke show using my laptop and it works perfectly when I split the screen and have the graphics on a seperate monitor using the standard vga cable.
I plug the lead for sound into the headphone jack and then through a yamaha dry desk which in turn gives me my output through the speakers and base bin. So far, so good.
However, I now need to put the graphics on a LCD TV. I connected laptop to tv using HDMI lead and the graphics were there perfectly. HOWEVER, I now have no sound from my desk or speakers or laptop unless I unplug the HDMI lead and then the sound returns to my setup.
I understand that the HDMI lead is obviously doing as it is meant to do and transferring all sound and graphics to the TV.
My question is very simple,.,.,.,
Is there a way to stop the sound being transferred to the tv?
I would appreciate an answer if possible in laymans language as I am not very computer literate but I also am not afraid of them.
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  1. Yes there is a way to stop the sound being transferred to the TV.

    Once your HDMI is connected - right click on your sound icon (the little speaker).

    Select playback devices.

    Now select the audio output to where you want it (right click on the audio output, and select "set as default device".) That should do it.
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