Gaming build . . . good idea?

Hey all,

I'm seeing some good deals on the new FX-8120 CPU, some of them bundled with the Gigabyte 990. I realize that this is way too powerful for most of the gaming and stuff I'd be using the system for, but I could get these for less than the i5-2500k builds I'm seeing are more popular. Is this a seriously bad idea? Are there reasons the AMD is so cheap? Compatibility issues, stability, etc?
Looking for any/all advice. I'd be willing to tinker with the system, but I am new to building, so it'll be a learning experience.
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  1. The FX CPU is not stable and there's a lot of issues associated with it. I'd suggest reading a couple of these articles and benchmarks before deciding to go with FX:

  2. Thanks! That's what I was wondering . . . but thanks for confirming.
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