Power supply fan makes noise on startup and when powering down

Hey bought a corsair 750 watt professional gold bought a month ago, and on startup the fan makes a grinding noise for about 2 sec and then when powering down its like i can hear the fan slowing down but its loud. During playing League of legends the other night the fan acted up and this is when the sounds all started it was a very loud grinding noise but that hasnt happened since only when i startup and turn the pc off now, is it because I have the fan pointing down and something is getting pushed on the fan itself? the case i have is the HAF x, thanks!
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  1. Hi :)

    If its a GRINDING noise...RMA it...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. If after making sure nothing is touching the PSU fan, it is still making grinding noise, then as Brett928S2 suggested you, just RMA it.

    Corsair has an excellent RMA service, but they will ask you to make a simple test.

    Corsair Video FAQ: How to test a Corsair power supply
  3. Yeah i was considering it how long would it take for my PSU to come back? i will be without a pc in the mean time.. :(
  4. I live 10.000 miles away from Corsair, and they send me it back in 1 week.
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