Plugging Case Fans to Z77E-ITX MB

Hey guys!

First time i'm building a PC here so cut me some slack :whistle:

Ok... about my setup: I have a Lian Li PC-Q25 case (1x 140mm + 1x 120mm 3-pin stock fans included) and a ASRock Z77E-ITX mobo (1 CPU cooler + 1 case fan 4-pin header built in) which i'm trying to plug altogether.

Some reviews i've read weren't so favorable regarding the stock fans quietness so i decided to replace them for some decent quality aftermarket fans. I was looking at the Noctua fans but open for suggestions. I've replaced my stock CPU cooler for a Prolimatech Samuel 17 (which will not block my PCIe slot like other options would) so i will need an extra 120mm fan to go on top of it.

For the CPU fan, i was looking at the Noctua NF-F12 PWM (1500RPM) which seems like a good option. This is a PWM 4-pin fan that would plug directly into the MB CPU fan header.

Regarding the case fans, i was looking at the following:

Noctua NF-P14 FLX 140mm 1200RPM 3-pin fan for the case front (Noctua doesn't seem to have 140mm PWM fans);
Noctua NF-S12B-FLX 120mm 1200RPM 3-pin fan or a Noctua NF-P12 PWM 120mm 1300RPM 4-pin fan for the case top;

Considering my MB only has 1 case fan 4-pin header (PWM compatible) included, what's the best way around this?

I was trying to avoid the molex adapters so my fans won't run full speed at all times... and even if i wanted to, i don't have any spare molex anymore (my PSU has 3 and they are all required by the Lian Li's HDD backplane), only a bunch of unused SATA power connectors.

Could i use a Arctic Cooling PST Cable (some sort or Y cable) and plug both to the case fan header?

Thanks in advance.
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    That should work good, im sure there are other brands available if you would like.
  2. i use a Noctua 120mm 1300rpm for my hyper 212 cpu cooler,i think they are great fans,a bit expensive but very quiet,the 1500rpm for the cpu would be fine
  3. The Noctua fan brought a Y cable included.

    Thanks guys.
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