Is i5-3470 is the best for not overclocking?

I'm just wondering if the i5-3470 is the best i5 out there if you're not going to overclock? I haven't ever tried to overclock. I know I can squeeze an extra FPS out, but for me it's not worth it especially if the stock speed can manage to run the application or games efficiently. It would be a waste of money for me if I go with the i5-2500k without overclocking (since i5-3470 is cheaper). I was thinking, I would pair the i5-3470 with a H67 board (Gigabyte) and spend the extra cash to the Graphics Card. So your thoughts? Can you suggest me some ideas?
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  1. You already have an idea that is not bad! Match a 3470 with HD7850/70 or GTX660Ti and you have a good gaming machine.
  2. I'm just making sure if it would turn out to be a good gaming machine and a future proof for the next 4-5 years :). I don't usually upgrade from time to time. By the way thanks for your reply rolli59.
  3. Future proof is a concept but that machine will hold up well.
  4. I see. Last question, do you think GTX 560 Ti is good enough for the Graphics Card?
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    Yes 560Ti is still a good card and 2-3 years down the road you should be able to upgrade the card to something better since the GPU is the first thing that will start holding you back
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  7. I see, thanks for all your help rolli59. I appreciate it :).
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