Trying to find if there is any difference between these 2 CPUs.

Hey guys, I'm gonna make this quick.

The link above says its a Intel Core i5-2500K BX80623I52500

The newegg link says it a Intel Core i5-2500K BX80623I52500K.

The difference is $20. Is there any difference? If so, which one should i get?
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    One is locked one is unlocked.

    The second link version, you can overclock it, the first you can't.

    If you are overclocking go with the second one, if not then get the first.
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  3. Thank you :)
  4. No problem.
  5. Wait the first link goes to the same CPU as the first, the first website put down the wrong model number.

    They can both overclock as they are the same (the 2500K).

    The model number is for a Intel I5 2500, the locked version not the 2500K.
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