hi i have a dell dimension 2350 pentium 4 windows xp service pack 2. STOP LAUGHING. I'm trying to install a graphics card it is PCI only it is a jaton video-348PCI-QUAD. I have a 600 watt power supply. i disabled the onboard intell graphics, installed the device, installed the drivers. I see that it is installed. It is enabled. RIGHT CLICK AND IT SAYS device is working properly. i hook up the vga to the card and no picture. i would punt this machine right now, but I will not let it get the best of me.
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  1. boot it from the card, and check from the bios that it is the main output and not intergrated.
  2. i switched it in bios from integrated to pci......and couldn't see the screen. any ideas?
  3. i had to reset cmos and still don't have the solution.
  4. how do you boot from card?
  6. Plug the monitor into the card and reboot. Check the BIOS and make sure the integrated video is still disabled.

    The reason there was no picture on the monitor when you moved the cable to the new card while the machine was already booted up is because you did not enable it and extend your desktop on to it. You do this by right clicking the desktop background and going to properties. It is in there some where. I don't remember what the tabs were called in XP.

    Good Luck.
  7. though this pci video card is made to support up to 4 monitors ..... right now i just need one. do i still need to select extend desktop. wow....sigh
  8. thanks for trying guys..... i just can't figure it out. i'll check back later....hopefully some one can help me. i'm trying the extend thinq right now. if this doesn't work, i'll check back in an hour...
  9. turns out the person who returned this card to the vendor bent the pins on the cord by putting it in upside down. Then screwing in the plastic tighteners on the vga cord. i bent the bad pin back and its working like a politician on pole night. thanks anyway guys.
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