Do i really need a sound card??

hey guys, a little help here.. i wish to buy the intel DH77EB motherboard for my i5 3550 gaming rig. i wanna buy a 5.1 home theatre system in a short while. Im confused now cz the intel board already have the 5.1 port alongwith optical SPDIF. I will be watching bluray movies and playing hardcore games. Wont be listening to much mp3s in the PC. So I have two questions.

1) Do i need to buy a dedicated sound card such as Xonar DG or the inbuilt one will do the job fine??

2) Suggest me a good 5.1 speaker system which is sub $230(INR 13K) with good bass and all.
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  1. i have asus maximmus with xfi2 audio.
    and use a xonar dx1 pci expresss. the diffrence is night and day get a and cheerfull.
  2. using bose companion 3 speakers.
  3. boabs said:
    using bose companion 3 speakers.

    Thanks boabs for the reply... I know bose speakers are awesome(heard from many dont have personal experience) but bose 3 companion here in india costs @ $683(INR 38000) which is way out of my reach.. how is logitech Z906 which i can get @ $363 (INR 20K) or any other better alternatives from creative or edifier??
  4. m . well if i was you i would get the lowest end asus sound card and spend extra money on 2.1 speakers . i had creative 6.1 speakers ok but to many wires to much hastle . better with higher quality 2.1 speakers rather than mid range 5.1.
  5. so mate, u say that a good 2.1 is better than a mid range 5.1?? i already have a creative inspire 2.1 speakers and thats why i want to try a 5.1..

    any other options/replies????
  6. Hello. Sorry if I am a bit late in to the conversation. I do have a few questions so I can help you.
    1. What are your priorities? Absolute best sound for the buck or a more immersive experience?
    If you already have speakers, you know how much better for naturally recreating movies they are. Movies, to simply put it, are made in mind to be played through speakers. So, if movies are the focus, get speakers. I recommend AudioEngine 2 speakers. Great dynamic range, very deep, tight and accurate bass, and, most importantly for gaming, excellent sound staging, are properties of these speakers. At $200, they are a superb bargain for what you get.
    Just a quick side note-if you do really want a 5.1 system that sounds good, do NOT buy
    A. A "gaming" set of speakers-these are such absolute crap I don't know how they sell them (Yes, I have heard many, many systems at friends' houses, they all are s*** compared to mine)
    B. A 5.1 setup that comes in a box-once again, same thing. People think their systems are great because they don't know any better. I do not mean to be offensive at all-it's not people's fault. I bought a "sample" system (well, I have a sample headphone and speaker setup) just to show my friends how they could get better for less. Almost all of em who have heard one of the setups either bought a similar speaker or headphone setup. If you are willing to go beyond Bose, Creative, etc. for speakers, or Bose, Razr, Beats, for headphones, I can get you to audio nirvana.
    If you spring for the AudioEngines, you will NOT need to upgrade your sound card. Sure, if you want to ever so slightly increase your sound quality, then you can buy a DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter, which either connects to your computer via either USB or Coaxial/Optical and completely bypasses your internal sound card. If you
    Sorry for my rant. Back to your question.
    2. Have you considered headphones?
    It is a known fact that headphones can recreate the greatest tonal accuracy and soundstaging for the price. Just letting you know that there are no really great soundingn headphones out there with a mic. If you cannot live without a mic and quality is not the top concern, get the Corsair Vengeance 2000. But I would recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700. Hands down best gaming and movie performance for the price. Oh yeah, it also ROCKS with any music you throw at it. At $138 on's a friggen amazing deal. For optimal sound quality (It won't sound it's best coming straight from your computer) pair it with the Fiio E10, a headphone amp and DAC which will greatly enhance and optimize your headphone listening experience. Now at only $65.99 from B& So for $203.99, you can get a headphone setup that will blow all of your friends crap away. This setup wrecks my Beats Pros ($450) in all respects.

    Just my $0.02
    Good luck! I'll check back on this thread later.
  7. I have z906 and love it. Nothing mind blowing, but for games its totally sufficient. Sound card definitely made a difference with these speakers. I would say get something mid-high end around $90-100.
  8. @MeGustaComputadoresIThink: To be precise, I need a value for money 5.1 system.(I would have selcted audioengine if my sole preference is mp3) I prefer speakers because I already have SENNHEISER PC333D headphones with me.. Currently I have creative 2.1 and thats why i need to upgrade to 5.1(preference for watching bluray movies)
    1. So if you dont prefer the "gaming 5.1" and "5.1 in a box" then what do you recommend for me? a custom built or 5.1 not intended for PC(sony, philips etc)?? then can u suggest a couple of systems among those??
    2. let me share my choices after searching a lot in net. they are (i) s550 (ii)logitech z906(which is a couple of thousands more here in India). Among these what will you recommend??

    Thanks for the reply... can you recommend me the better one among edifier s550 and logitech z906? yes I will go with an Asus Xonar DX card
  9. forget to add. the prefered e-shopping sites for me are and and budget is $360(INR 20,000)
  10. we have suggested parts. now you see if u can afford them :)
  11. A pretty damn good (for the price) 5.1 with future upgrade options available. Check it out.
    Only $300
  12. thanks..
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