Help me to figure out the problem plz on GTX 560 TI

Hello there community,
i have gtx 560 ti twin frozr II OC and 2 weeks ago i noticed some strange freezing under any settings(low/ultra) for bf3, dirt3 or some other applications and games. the strange thing that i dont have them(freezes) running 3dmark and the card dont overheat at all(31 in idle and max 73 at full after 15mins of furmark) i post an example of the issue in hope to make you undestand the problem that the card has.... you can clearly see in the end of the video...sorry, i didnt registered it in fraps to avoid further fps drop.
my specs are
asus m5a99x evo amd3+
8gb dd3 1666 kingston hyperx
psu 550gx coolermaster
cpu phenom x4 955 3.2

im pretty sure its gpu since i changed the mainboard last week and tried to change memory configuration and the problem still persists...
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  1. Kind of an obvious question, but what driver are you using? Nvidia released a new one a couple of weeks ago.
  2. The cm 550gx is a turd in a box you might not be getting enough stable power while gaming with the 560ti
  3. You said your gpu isn't overheating.. What about the CPU?
  4. FlintIronStagg said:
    The cm 550gx is a turd in a box you might not be getting enough stable power while gaming with the 560ti

    i thought that the power instability were revealed in some other rebooting or application crash(sorry for my english)

    anyway im using the latest drivers .73 and the cpu aint go over 70c
  5. Reseat your cpu heatsink with thermal compound those temps.are.pretty high
  6. 70c for CPU is high...
  7. so this temp might cause this kind of drops?
  8. ok...i dunno how but i manged to go down the cpu temp and the framedrop is gone for...will provide a bigger heatsink for the future..thank you a lot... i was about to return the videocard!
  9. Get a hyper 212
  10. ok thanks again..for now i started using speedfan and i manage to have 50c on cpu and no more freezes!!
  11. Great job, hope it all works out as long as that cpu doesnt overheat
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