Smart TV won't connect to the internet through LAN connection

I have just bought a new Samsung Smart TV. Our wireless signal doesn't reach the room where the TV is so we have run a Cat 5e cable from my router to the tv. When I tell the tv to connect to the internet it turns off the receive, send and online lights on my Motorola SBG900 router. Sometimes, however it does connect, but this happens very rarely. I checked to see if it was a problem with the firewall settings but we have the firewall switched off in the router. When I connect any random laptop up to this same ethernet cable it accesses the internet no troubles. Can anyone diagnose this problem?
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  1. You should call Samsung support on this one.
  2. Hi Mike, i am having exactly the same problem as you. Did you ever get this sorted? would like to hear what you found to be the problem.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hi, I have the same problem with a Samsung Smart TV , please let me know if you have the problem solved.
  4. I had a sitecom WLR-5000. The helpdesk of sitecom could not help me. My laptop is doing so their service is delivered :fou: ??? WHERE IS THE 2012 TECHNOLOGY SITECOM? a friend consult a Cisco router. Now my smart TV works. grtz from holland :D
  5. I was struggling with the same problem and I thought something was wrong with my router but it's pretty shocking that it was just my Samsung.
    After reading this thread, I tried connecting it on my friend's LG TV and it worked fine.. -_- I'm highly disappointed in Samsung right now.
  6. i would like to add the same comment. I'm really disappointed with Samsung. Everything I have connects to my wifi. At one point this tv did also. I've only had the TV for 3 months. Samsung has not really been any help either. My TV was working fine until it seemed there was some sort of update. Now my TV wont even recognize my WIFI. Very unhappy with Samsung TV right now.
  7. Hi,

    I'm having the same problem, and searching through forums I found someone who claims this issue was resolved when using a crossover network cable.
    I don't have a crossed cable at the moment, but if anyone does can they check and see if this really is the issue?
  8. I am a very non technical person, what is a crossover network cable? Also, I want my tv to work wireless as it says that it has wifi. My TV connected to my wireless network before.
  9. I just got off tech support with Samsung as I have been experiencing the same issue. I thought it was something I was doing wrong. They told me that they are working on increasing their bandwidth and hope to have the problem resolved soon, but after reading all the comments here I'm skeptical.
  10. After searching forums for more than an hour it seems that many people say that the "error_model_bind" message is specifically due to the Samsung Smart Hub servers outage, and this means simply waiting until they fix their servers.

    the "error_update_001" message requires a firmware update: download the latest firmware for your model from and follow the instructions to install it using a USB disk.
  11. I contacted Samsung customer service and they told me to set the country code in the smart hub.

    Point the remote at the tv and press the following keys in order to pull up the country list:

    - forward
    - 2
    - 8
    - 9
    - backward

    It worked for me!

    Good luck!
  12. Crossover network cable worked for me.
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