Constant ringing/buzzing noise caused by mouse laser

I recently "fixed" my desktop, and when I first used it, I tried a pair of earphones to listen to some music. Sounded fine and everything, but once the song ended, I heard this low ringing sound (a high pitched, but low volume "eeee" sound). Anyways, this was a couple weeks ago, and I assumed it was simply my earphones, so I just used another pair. The new pair is much older, but it didn't receive the same sound, so my assumption seemed to hold. Unluckily for me, the left earphone of that set died, so I am using the previously mentioned earphones (the ones with the noise). It still has it, but I noticed it wasn't constant. Today, I just happened to drop my mouse from the edge of the desk, and I heard no more ringing. I put the mouse back, and I heard it again. Whenever the laser comes in contact with any solid surface, it makes that ringing noise.

What seems to be the problem? Is it my mouse, earphones, or sound card/mobo's fault?

By the way, I am using the front panel of my desktop to hook up the earphones.

Thanks for any info!

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  1. are the earphones usb? Sometimes usb headphones have issues with grounding and the mouse which is usb is causing interference or something. try plugging the headphones into the back panel and move the usb mouse to another port..if neither help report back
  2. lol well jeez, that worked... I just took the mouse usb from the front panel to the back ports and it works fine without any annoying ringing noise.

    Aside from me being dumb and not trying that for myself, what seems to be the problem?

    Also, the headphones are the standard input jacks (donno the mm sizes...)
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    ahh so the headphones are 3.5mm...for future reference......hmmm thats odd I have not really heard of interference with non usb headphones....but I am glad that worked haha...problem was just due to interference from the electricity going through the mouse cable that caused your buzzing sound....its a common issue its bc the usb ports on the front of the case are not grounded well
  4. ah i see, well that makes sense since the front panel's ports are all kinda messed up anyways from transfering the rig across state. anyways thanks for the help!
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