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I've created a build I think will satisfy my gaming needs easily. I also have Dragon & a Plantronics mic so I can write without typing. everything else is the usual. I bought my last system from cyberpower and it's lasted pretty well except for fan issues. So I went to custom their lowest end intel i7 box and ended up with the following build. Any feedback is welcome but especially for audio, cooling, PSU, and really anything you see that maybe not choosing another brand was a mistake. I researched these some to try to get reliable parts but am concerned I missed something. Please don't tell me to build it myself cheaper, I'm well aware and used to do it but it's been years and I've always been better with software than hardware.

Odd question, I'm wondering if I should get Bluetooth capability, maybe one day I can use it to run a single set of peripherals for multi boxes without a cabled switch box.

here's what I built:

To see the options, Configuration URL:

Product Name: Mega Special II (NO MONITOR)

Price: $1,230.00




CAS:Raidmax Viper Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ 1x USB 3.0 Port & Side Window Panel [-26] (Black Color)


CD:Sony 24X Double Layer Dual Format DVD+-R/+-RW + CD-R/RW Drive [+4] (BLACK COLOR)

COOLANT:Standard Coolant

CPU:Intel® Core™ i7-3770 3.40 GHz 8MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1155 [-20]

CS_FAN:Maximum 120MM Case Cooling Fans for your selected case [+9]


FAN:Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan (Enhanced Cooling Performance + Extreme Silent at 20dBA) (Dual Standard 120MM Fans (Push-Pull) [+9])

FLASHMEDIA:INTERNAL 12in1 Flash Media Reader/Writer (BLACK COLOR)

HDD:2TB (2TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 7200RPM HDD (Single Drive)



IUSB:Built-in USB 2.0 Ports


MEMORY:8GB (4GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory [+3] (Corsair or Major Brand)

MOTHERBOARD:[CrossFireX] Asus P8Z77-V LX Intel Z77 Chipset DDR3 ATX Mainboard w/ IRST, Lucid Virtu MVP, 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, 2x PCIe x16 (1 Gen3, 1 Gen2), 2x PCIe x1 & 3 PCI (Extreme OC Certified)

NOISEREDUCE1:Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts [+9]

OS:Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional [+135] (64-bit Edition)

OVERCLOCK:No Overclocking

POWERSUPPLY:750 Watts - Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 80 Plus Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready [+63]









VIDEO:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB 16X PCIe Video Card (Major Brand Powered by NVIDIA)

WNC: PCI Wireless 802.11n 150Mbps Network Interface Card [+19]

_PRICE: (+1230)

thanks for any input

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  1. I have a similar build from CP. I'm not sure i7 is completely necessary... from what I gather you are doing word processing and things like that (school? work?) and then normal computer use (internet) and gaming, is that correct?

    Its a decent build. I would change the CPU to an i5 - 3570 and use the $$ to go up to a 560 Ti.

    Also, not selecting a brand is the biggest risk with CP. When it says "standard" or "major brand..." thats where the risk lies. For the vid card they usually offer EVGA which is probably the best brand out there, so shelling out another $15 for it is almost like insurance.
    Same with RAM. for another $12 or so bucks, you can get name brand RAM like HyperX or Corsair Vengeance. I would recommend.

    Also, use promo code SPRING0410 for 5% off.

    Lastly, the bluetooth dongle is only $10 no? No use in sweating over $10. Actually, the same dongle is cheaper on newegg and amazon.
  2. Thanks for your answer, other than playing MMO LOTR I really don't do games, just writing, surfing and photo editing. My current build is old, it has the first i7 available so I just figured I should stick with i7.

    What is the 560 Ti?

    thanks for the promo code!
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