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Is it possible to run 3 monitors if you buy a PCI graphics card and put it into a computer with a graphics card already? My main Graphics card has 2 ports and the PCI one has 1. Anyone know how to do this?
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  1. First off you need to post your PC's spec's. Now if your PC has a PCIe x 16 slot and your PSU is strong enough and you buy the right card. It is possible to run 3 monitors off of one card.

    But I think you have an integrated GPU that you are talking about. But I don't know what you mean by my PCI has 1? You will not be able to run 3 monitors off of an intergrated GPU.

    If you say you have a GPU already in the PCIe x 16 slot and has one out put. There is no way you can do that. This is why we ask for the spec's. So we can know for sure what you have.

    If you get a Nvidia card you will need two of them to do what you want. The AMD card with the proper stuff you can run 3 monitors off of the one card. Please reposte and we will be able to help you better.
  2. I have a 500w power supply unit and I am already running an AMD radeon 6450, this GPU has 3 ports, but can only support 2 monitors (No eyefinity). So I purchased a simple PCI slot graphics card from a pile of old GPU's at a store. It fits into the same slot say a wireless card would go in. Is it then possible to run 3 monitors?

    I'm sorry if I am not being specific enough, I don't know my hardware terminology.

    Thanks for your help
  3. You will be able to run 3 monitors. But not the gaming way where they work as one. You will be able to have them all work at the same time but with different things on each monitor.

    It would like have three different computers running at the same time. Here is some Info to help.



  4. GREAT! But I have one problem, my device manager says teh graphics card is a "Standard VGA graphics adapter", but it has the little caution sign and when I look at the properties it says this "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I already tried re-installing the drivers. But nothing worked. Any ideas?
  5. Here is some tools that might help you fix your code 10. I am not saying for you to buy anything so these links will try to get you to buy but I feel the info they give you might be able to fix it your self. Good luck.



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