Urgent HELP NEEDED: CPU Throttling During Gaming/BenchMarking

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Hello, I have just purchased and built my very first gaming rig, but I have recently been having a problem. When I play games or I decide to benchmark my PC my PC down throttles itself down from 4.3Ghz to 1.6 ghz therefore I get much lower and very inconsistent FPS, this makes benchmarking and gaming a nightmare.

My PC rigs specs are as follows:

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 WindForce x3

MotherBoard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Case: Zalman Z11 Plus

CPU: Intel i5 3570k @ 4.3ghz

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Optical Drive: Sony AD-7280S

RAM: Corsair 8gb DDR3 @ 1600mhz

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

SSD: Samsung 830 series 128gb

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2UK Enthusiast (750 W)

OS: Windows 7 64bit

Resolution: 1980x1080

Basically my my problem is that when I set multipliers to 43 with all cores enabled in the bios, I cannot turn off intel turbo boost (which after some research has suggested to me that is causing the down throttling to occur). The option simply just skips past, meaning I cannot disable to option. I have attempted to disable to option beforehand but it defaults back as soon as I set the cpu ratio from auto to all cores.

I have ran prime 95 tests for 1 hour and the max temperature I was getting was 68 degrees Celsius.

I would gladly appreciate help in turning off turbo boost while allowing me to change multipliers or to fix the down throttling.

I ran heaven benchmark at max settings and only recorded a 40 fps on 1080p, I was expecting much more with my GPU (I was expecting high 70's) after some research I determined that the CPU was down throttling itself to 1600 Mhz during testing which bottlenecked the GPU.

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  1. SpeedStep, but just use the High Performance power plan in Windows to lock in max speed while you're gaming and benching.

    Control Panel -> Power Options and select High Performance. When you're done, just set it back to Balanced to let it idle correctly.
  2. So you are suggesting I should disable speedstep?
  3. HyperBlue said:
    So you are suggesting I should disable speedstep?

    No. Leave it enabled.

    Just do what I said above. It effectively disables SpeedStep in and of itself, with the added bonus of not having to go back into the BIOS to re-enable it when you're done gaming.

    SpeedStep is a good thing...
  4. Well I got it to constantly run at 4.3ghz even on idle but I am still getting only 40 fps on heaven, there seems to be a serious problem here.
  5. HyperBlue said:
    Well I got it to constantly run at 4.3ghz even on idle but I am still getting only 40 fps on heaven, there seems to be a serious problem here.

    Yeah, to be honest, I didn't really think SpeedStep (or lower speeds) had anything to do with it. That was just to be sure.

    I'd say there may be a driver/software issue (although I'll admit that I have no idea what a good Heaven bench is for that GPU at that res, so I honestly don't know if there even is a problem).
  6. I may have a go at over clocking my GPU seeing as I get a cool 40 degrees 100% load in heaven on my GPU, thanks for the help
  7. You're welcome. :)
  8. hello guys! Do u think this program "ThrottleStop"will help me with my cpu and gpu...in one word,will help my laptop to not have anymore that fps drops?? I have an Acer Aspire E1-531G,Intel dual-core B960 at 2,2 Ghz,8 Gb of ram and NVidia GeForce 710M with 2 gb VRAM,Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits! So what do u think,it will help me,or not!I can play with this laptop a few good games,but in some of them i have this damn fps drops,specially in Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag!!???
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