Corsair Carbide 300R Motherboard Standoffs

Hello, i am looking to get a Corsair Carbide 300R but i realised their mauybe a problem for me. My ATX motherboard (Gigabyte Z68A D3H-B3) does not have 9 screw holes it only has 7 and the carbide 300R does not have any motherboard standoffs. Will my motherboard get shorted out?

Here's some pictures
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  1. with the case there will be a bag of screws and other odds and there you will find brass colored motherboard screw those into the 7 mounting holes that your motherboard would need (in the case) and then you mount your motherboard on those....if you do not need all 9 that the case provides that only means that the case can take a larger motherboard than what you have.
  2. 300r does not need standoffs for mounting ATX mobo. There are built in elevations.
  3. ^
    What dmmbbs said.
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