Closed Loop Water Cooling Help?

Hi, I'm thinking about getting this CPU cooler:

But can the fan and radiator mount to my 120mm fan slot on the top of my case? The reason I want this one is because you don't have to install brackets with the AM3+ processor. If I can't mount it to the top, is there another closed loop water cooler that will mount to the top, work with AM3+ and also won't require me to install mounting brackets? Thanks!
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  1. by top you mean the inside side of the top fan cutout? (Not outside the case right?) just making sure...if so then yes that radiator and fan combo will def mount to the fan mount as long as there is clearance from the motherboard.
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    The radiator and fan will mount to any 120mm predrilled fan holes and the thing you have to watch out for is the clearence of the heatsink on the voltage regulator because i thatsticks out too far from the motherboard and the fan/radiator are low enough they will touch.
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