My computer is causing the router to stop for other computers.

When I browse or surf the internet with my computer, it causes the router to stop working on all devices connected to it. This includes my laptops, iphone, ps3 and other desktop. However, if I or anyone else connected to the router had a stream running on youtube, a file that is downloading, a game running online or voicechat with ventrillo, nothing happens to those processes. I just can't start a new download, or open a new tab, or start anything that requires internet connection.

I've tried using different browsers, I've tried updating my computer, using different ports both on my computer and the router, shutting off all my firewalls, factory resetting my router and nothing works.

I've narrowed the problem down to an issue with my computer as this would never happen to any other or device. This problem ONLY happens when I surf the web or view/open websites.

The only way I can fix the problem is by walking up to my router and restarting the router (the router only) and waiting a minute for my computer to reconnect.

I've noticed that the router stops working when I go to sites or links that have on screen popups of flash or java. When I check my network connection after the internet stops working, the rate of packets received becomes dramatically reduced.

someone please help me.
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  1. Maybe try reducing your NIC's speed?

    1. If using W7, goto network and sharing center,
    if using xp, go to network connections

    2. If using w7, click "change adapter settings
    if using xp, go to step 3

    3. right click your adapter

    4. click on "properties"

    5. click on "configure"

    6. Goto "advanced" tab

    7. Find "Speed & Duplex" or "rate" or something like that

    8. If on 1.0Gbps, select 100mbps full duplex
    If on 100mbps full dupex, select 10mbps full duplex
    If on 10mbps full duplex, select 10mbps half duplex
    But note if you are on 10mbps you can't use the full potential of your broadband connection if it is highspeed broadband of some 20Mbps downlink
  2. thank you for replying.

    I went ahead and tested this yesterday and I tried all of the settings under speed and duplex to no avail. :(
  3. See if you can get hold of another NIC. Maybe your NIC has injected 48 volts of electrical power which messes up the router, or maybe your NIC is too lazy to take power from your computer and decides to suck power from your router, which in turn undervolts the CPU which in turn freezes it up
  4. I tried many different adapters (4 to be exact, two of them on board) but the results were the same. Either way, I upgraded my motherboard and reformatted my drive so that apparently fixed my problem.
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