Torn between HD7850 and GTX 560 TI OC


I'm planning to buy the parts for my rig this week until I heard about this HD7850 yesterday.

i5 2500K
MSI Z68A GD65 Gen 3
G-skill sniper 2x4 8gb (dual)
EVGA GTX 560 TI DS Super Clocked
FSP Aurum 700watts
Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid Tower Case
Noctua (NH D14) CPU Cooler

Is there really a big difference between the HD7850 and the EVGA SC version of GTX 560 TI?

I don't think I can wait for another half a month if there really isn't much performance gain. I heard the 7850 uses significantly lower power but that's not a big factor for me.

Is it still advisable to get a GTX 560 TI now? I'm just planning to SLI it if the need arises in the future.

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    Here this should help but if the 560 are OC'd it still not going to be as fast as the HD 7850. It won't let me compair the 7850 with the 560's in sli but I was able to put up just the 560's in sli.

    Just compare the nembers with the first link. I hope this helps and by the way nice rig. Good luck to you
  2. Hey thanks for that man, this really changes everything now! Haha

    I think the OCed 560ti just has a 10% gain so yeah, the HD 7850 will pretty much top it still.

    But how about the price? The superclocked 560ti is currently priced at 249.99. The 7850 still isn't released here yet, which is another problem for me since I'm planning to buy these within this week, so I can't really put a definite price for it.
  3. Wait you already have a 560ti? If not, you should get the 7850. If you do, you should just go SLI 560ti.

    The 560ti is still I think the best pure value proposition in terms of GPU price/performance.
  4. im in the same position as you and i decided to wait for the 7850 because the suggested retail price is 249$. Same price, better performance, lower power consumption. Fortunately i have a spare graphics card to use till then.,3148.html
  5. Well I don't know for sure but if this link that I am going to give you just scroll all the way down there is pricing. If I hear or come by with different Info I will let you know.
  6. No, I have yet to buy the parts for my rig.

    Well it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the 7850. When will this be actually released in the market? I really can't wait to build this rig
  7. @DM, Yeah both have the same price, roughly, which makes it an easier choice and means I have to wait again. :/ Haha
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  9. computernewb said:

    Is this applicable outside the US?
  10. kingp0dd said:
    Is this applicable outside the US?

    no idea :(
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