Problems after installing a CPU cooler

Hi guys, i postted this over on the motherboard area but think it should have gone here.

I'm using the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4, with an i5 3570k, and its been great, yesterday I replaced the stock fans in my nzxt phantom 410 and loved having it quieter. So today I decided to replace the stock CPU cooler. I bought a cooler master hyper 402. The instal went smoothly but powering it on Dr debug reports 55, no memory, I had to move the ram over to fit the fan in but I followed the manuals directions on where to put them. The unit only powers up for 10 seconds then restarts, and I can't enter bios, I have tried clearing cmos, reseating and reorganising the 2 ram sticks, and took the cooler off and checked under the CPU, there's no thermal paste or bent pins that I can see. Any advice? I'm a tad worried

Any advice would be great, thanks.
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  1. So you have two ram sticks and moved them over because of the cooler? Most boards have to have ram in designated slots if only two installed. Your board looks to be an exception so I would try starting with one module in A2.
  2. yeah they are now in the 2nd and 4th slot, but the manual says thats fine, I have tested them back in 1 and 3 and both in just 1 by themselves to see if that makes a difference but keep getting the same reading of 55. Taking the ram out entirely gives a different reading so I dont think its actually the issue.
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