Is the cooler master extreme power plus 700w good or bad

Hi i have a cooler master extreme power plus 700w and i hear bad reviews about it but is it enough to power my i5 3570k 8gb ram 60gb sd 1tbhdd z77 mobo 4 fans a heatsink and a 660ti or two
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    The CM Extreme Power Plus series seems to be a major "fail". I think you may be able to get way with one 660ti, two I'd suspect it will fail quickly. In a review of the 600W (I could find none for the 700W made by the same manufacturer - Seventeam) by Gabriel Torres of Hardware Secrets, the 600W wasn't able to produce more than 475W with it's biggest issue being voltage stability on the 12V rail. Review of 600W here
    Hope this was somewhat helpful
  2. Lets just say... pretty bad.

    If you have the means or hell even $50.. i'd switch it to another unit. It is in no way, form or shape a 700w unit and is more comparable to a 400-450w unit. An inefficient design with low quality build and low safety features... i'd say pretty bad.
  3. Bad. Coolermaster psu's are usually bad except for the SilentPro ones. Check them out :D
  4. Silent Pro's are ok. I'd just pick anything made by Seasonic or Delta over them......
  5. how about i upgrade to a corsair tx750m
  6. corsairmaster said:
    how about i upgrade to a corsair tx750m

    Corsair PSU's have good reviews in general.
    Serious, reliable brand.
    If you're willing to pay the difference, go for it!!!
  7. TX750M is a high quality unit built by CWT. Although not as efficient as Seasonic based units; it can still hold its own and is definately much, much better than the crappy Extreme Power.
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  9. Sorry for bump but I have to say it: I have Coolermaster Power Extreme Plus 700w from about 4 years ago, used with i5 + GTX 760 (It has high consumption) and now i7 + GTX 1080, I never had any issue.
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