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I searched the forum's for my question for about an hour, but couldn't find anything that really answered my question... partially because everything I found was so old relating to my question.

So I just bought a brand new factory sealed HP online. It's an HP with the following specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 910 / 2.6 GHz
1TB 5400.00 RPM
ATI Radeon HD 4350

I bought it for about $350 including shipping. I thought it would be a great a deal, but now I'm not too sure. I originally was planning on building my own rig for gaming, and get a new 23" 1080p monitor. I did some research on the MB and processor and could barely find anything! The processor is so old, google it, it's a bunch of random useless information. I'm thinking about returning the PC and building my own, but first let me just tell everyone what I'm thinking.

So if I keep the machine, I have to upgrade the power supply because it came stock with a 300w. Then I would upgrade the video card to a HD 6850 (or comparable). Plus it comes with Windows 7 64-bit, which saves me $100. I would like to upgrade the processor to a better Phenom II x4, but from what I found on these forums, it's a pain and people had complications. So I'd basically be stuck with this processor for the life of the machine.

I just need someone else's input. If I keep it and put the upgrades in it, it comes out to $550-$600. Should I keep it or build my own? If I build my own, any suggestions? My budget is about $500 - $600 max. I have no parts to recycle into a new machine, I've been using laptops for the past five years, and buying a laptop capable of running good games well is a lot more expensive than a desktop. I had reservations about buying AMD anyway, I really have only used Intel, so I have no clue and could just be worrying for nothing.

Any suggestions appreciated!
Thanks a lot
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  1. Its got a slow 5400rpm hard drive too. I would send it back, since you would have to replace most of it. Once you start putting better hardware in that case, I dont think it would provide adequate cooling either. You could build a better system than that for 600, and it would be a lot more upgrade friendly too
  2. It's not that bad a system. But if you are planing to switch CPU then it's the wrong system for you. If you are just planning to jsut pump up the video then you are OK. Any video card with less than 100w will run in that PC with the 300w PSU. examples of good cards that are low power in order of increase strength/price. HD6670, HD7750, HD7770, nvidia should be shipping something soon from their new gen, wait a month or two for them to appear.

    To find power of video card google card and TDP for example google HD6670 and TDP and you'll see a bunch of references to 66w. You need something under 100w.

    edit: missed it the first time. "HD 6850 (or comparable)" Hd6850 TDP = 127w = no good with 300w psu. And 6850 is stronger than any of the cards listed above. You'd need to swap in a new PSU to get a card that strong (unless the new nvida cards have monster low power).
  3. From what I understand, its relatively painless to return a pc to HP, as long as you do it within their time frame (21 days after purchase or whatever).

    I would return it. There is just too many things to try and upgrade on it.

    Either buy a little better pre-built or build your own. You can put together a decent mid-range rig for around $500-600.
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