Suggestions for upgrading radeon HD5850

I have had the ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 gig card for a couple of years now and have really liked it. I use it for gaming. I would like to upgrade to another ATI/AMD card. I am looking for a noticeable difference between what I have and what I am getting but don't really want to break the bank. Any suggestions?
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  1. it all depends on your money range:

    MSI cooling is great, but you can check other brands if you are looking for cheaper products;

    250~300$ =

    170~200$ =

    150~170$ =

    Those are great amd cards and i think that any of those win over the 5850 performance
  2. what hardware/opsys/games/res ?
  3. Word of warning on the 6850. They are slower then the 5850. If you get an OC'd model it might/will perform close to the 5850 you already have. You really need to get a 6950 if you want to "feel it".
  4. I wouldn't recommend anything less than a 7850.
  5. Getting a 6xxx now would not be a wise choice , i would suggest a 7870 , but as mirssokah said anyhting less than 7850 would be unwise
  6. ^+1


    You definitely want a 7850 or higher. Don't get a 6870, you won't notice any difference.
  7. thanks excatly the kind of answers I was looking for!
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