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Hi so I had this problem already. It was my screen being blank and the 1 long beep and 3 short beep code. I looked online it says its either video card or memory. I cleaned my computer and reseated everything and still same problem. But a day later my computer just magically started working again. But about a month later which is now same problem happened, but it seems like it got worse i tried the same things again but it was still the 1 long 3 short beeps.
Someone suggested to me that it may be a ram problem so i took out 3 sticks of ram and left 1 and it worked but after i did the same process for every stick none of them worked now( so all 4 dont work now "supposedly"). But sometimes randomly my computer just turns on like right now, I am typing this thread on this computer cause it just worked randomly when i pressed the power button this time.
I have 6gbs of ram, hd 5770, and my mobo is m4a79xtd evo. People already suggested that i try a different video card but i dont have a spare one :/
I'm planning to go to the computer store to get new parts, but first I need to know the parts i need. So please help me.
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  1. It's a problem with your graphics card. My dad's computer has an issue where if the card isn't seated just right, it throws out a code. Try seating it differently, make sure it's in snuggly, screw it in place if you can, etc. You can also try scrubbing or polishing the contacts of the card. I've used toothpaste in the paste, however you need to take precautions such as taping off just above the contacts so as not to get anything on the actual parts of the card. If you do decide to scrub it, I'm not to be held responsible if it breaks.
  2. so its definetly my graphics card thats the problem
  3. As long as you're sure it's 1 long and 3 short, then yeah it's something with your card.

    Here's the beep code list for your mobo if you haven't already seen it.

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