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There was an issue almost exactly the same listed about a year ago on here (

I have an issue with a desktop that won't recognize my keyboard or mouse. I start up the computer and the monitor goes through the boot process just fine when I it gets to the logon screen. When I try to move the mouse to the button to logon, it doesn't respond. I try to hit "Enter" on the keyboard and nothing. I tried switching keyboards, two different types of wireless keyboards, both of which I scavenged from other computers through the house that work both before and after my test, and still no go. I tried switching the wireless mouse, both of them worked fine before and after the test. I then tried a wired keyboard and mouse. Oddly enough, when I plugged them in the lights on the keyboard lit up and the same for the optical mouse .... thus making me believe that there is power going to the keyboard and mouse. I tried all kinds of combinations, such as plugging the keyboard into the computer via the round, pinned plug and also via usb (I have adapters). I tried it so that they plugged in via their native usb or pin combination and then switched ... every which way conceivable.

In addition, I switched the monitor. The monitor works elsewhere and I get the same screen when I boot up w/ the other monitors.

Okay, that would lead one to believe that since it is not a power issue, it would be a motherboard issue. However, all the other computers on the network recognize my two hard drives and the two DVD drives on that now seemingly defunct computer. I can access the files in the hard drives.

As such, that would lead me to believe that it is not a motherboard issue.

Now, as per the suggestions on the previous thread and just by logic, the best thing to do would be log into BIOS, however, if I cannot get past the log in screen and/or push any of the function buttons to bypass the normal boot procedure, how do I fix this issue?

How can I get this computer to recognize the mouse and keyboard?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm thinking your pc is locking up when it gets to the login screen.

    Try booting from dos or linux boot cd and seeing if they work then. If so then boot from your windows disk and run a repair install.
  2. I will try booting with disk and repair ... but, can't boot from DOS, since no control over anything ... only way to force the issue is to boot from repair disk.

    I was trying to hopefully avoid this.
  3. What it would seem to me that you have going on there is some kind of strange driver issue. I have a few unconventional ideas here which might (I'm reaching) be helpful. First, try booting without ethernet connected. If nothing that way, I would suggest booting from disk. You might also try resetting CMOS or see if there is a newer BIOS version for your mobo.
    In a perverse sense you gotta love it, "No keyboard detected, press F1 to continue" - okay, that probably wasn't nice but I couldn't help myself.
  4. Well, oddly enough I tried that. Prior to my tests, I had to hookup some of the peripherals that were hooked up to the desktop to my laptop, and in the process I pretty much unhooked everything except the power and monitor.

    Throughout that entire time I was rebooting constantly. Nothing. No go.

    Then I ran my tests with the keyboards and monitors and so on. When I realized nothing worked I still wanted access to the drives so I replugged it back in.
  5. However, in the recovery console, it recognizes my keyboard. Quite odd.
  6. okay .. had problems with running recovery ... that's a whole other issue. But, I am able to get into the setup, which means that the keyboard is working at least up until windows XP starts to run things. In the setup "area" I have no problems with the keyboard and presumably the mouse, since they operate from the same wireless transmitter and only uses one usb port.

    Okay, so, under the integrated device submenu, it indicates that the mouse port is "on" and the USB emulation and USB ports are on. All other ports for that matter are on also.

    Now, as it looks, I will probably have to reinstall windows, but, I am trying to avoid that for a lot of reasons, but, in the end, I really just want to solve the mystery ... I always self identified with Fred from Scooby Doo.
  7. Are you able to access your desktop's Device Manager from your laptop (I've never personally tried)? If so, you could unplug your mouse/keyboard from tower, uninstall drivers (including hidden ones), then plug your mouse/keyboard back in, let windows discover the drivers, maybe?
  8. Nope. I only have access to the drives. I tried the remote connection and its a no go. I then tried to open the Windows folder on C Drive as well as the program files folder on C and had access to neither.
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