Crysis Low Performance Please help CrossfireX compatable?

My problem is im haveing issues in Crysis my system should chew out this game
I am wondering if there is a way to get CrossfireX working for this game

My system specs are as follows:
Sabertooth p67 Mb
i7 2600k @ 3.4
2x HD6990
1200W Gold cert PSU
Temps are as high as 50Max on CPU and 80 on the Videocards
Crysis Version 1.2.1 Hotfix "However the Luncher still says"

when playing the game it only uses 1 GPU of my 4 available GPU's and about 20-30% of my cpu

Any insight will help greatly thank you in advance
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  1. first of no game can chew out crysis!
    check this out-
    make sure you have enabled xfire.
  2. Have you patched Crysis to the lastest version as there was an update a while ago that enabled xfire. Also it took a while for ATi to optimise the drivers for my 5970 dual gpu card. It might be that ATi haven't released optimised drivers for your 6990. Have you tried removing one of you 6990's as 4 gpus could cause an issue.
  3. is this Crysis1 or Crysis2 ?........... anyway, try pulling one of your cards....... could be a quad cross fire thing. secondly, for Crysis, plan on using 1 gpu. If I remember correctly it didn't scale in crossfire. if they changed it I don't know. One of those gpu's should run it fine. i would look elsewhere. I had older hardware that ran it with no problem.
  4. I will try removeing one see if it helps and run some tests tomorow. you maybe right about thoes driver i might have to wait, I would have thought with this much hardware crysis troubleing my PC was a thing of the past.

    O ther then the obveouse "Enable CrossfireX" in CCC and the crossfire bridge there is not any other ajustments or progtrams i need for the Corssfire to work is there?
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