Could my video card causing my PC to freeze?

I have been having problems with my PC freezing after start up.

It's been happening for a while now. It first started to happen while I was playing 'Football Manager'. Also it happened when watching a video, at the same time.

My PC also freezes almost every time after start up. Sometimes it freezes during start up. I'm currently working in safe mode.

I have opened my case up to give it a clean and see if there was too much dust. I noticed my video card was very hot.

I have had my pc for 4 years now so I have been starting to think about doing some upgrades or even a new one. But as always money is an issue.

Could a new video card solve all my problems?

I have a 'NVIDA GeForce 8800 GTX'. If I was to buy a new one, which new card should I be looking at?
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  1. We need the specs for your entire system (make/model of all components) to be able to better help you. Also, we need to know your intended budget.

    While you are getting that info, the problem you are describing is most likely the video card (GPU) or the power supply (PSU).

    Please clarify.
  2. i don't believe a videocard would freeze a computer, when they are with problems they shut down and the screen also shutdown, but never heard of Video card Frezzing computer.
    Anywais if you have Inboard video, try removing the graphics card and see if it fix the issues.

    what is your powersupply with time your powersupply may be causing problems this is common in a 4 years machine, maybe you just need exchanging the power supply.

    if you could give us a full specification of your computer would be nice.
  3. I had exactly the same problem.

    After testing by replacing the parts one by one to see which one is the problem , it turned out that it was the motherboard.

    I changed the motherboard and tadaaa here i am.
  4. My money is on power supply.
  5. kairotic said:
    My money is on power supply.

    That is certainly one of the main suspects. The hot GPU is often a symptom of a defective PSU.
  6. Nottt,

    Sounds like you have a failing motherboard or Power Supply. It is not the video card.

    Does your computer ever restart on it's own, while your in the middle of something?
  7. Bought a Nvidia GF 9500 GT on Wednesday and seems to have done the trick.

    Still early days but it's not froze up on start up once yet.
  8. notttmdude said:
    Bought a Nvidia GF 9500 GT on Wednesday and seems to have done the trick.

    Still early days but it's not froze up on start up once yet.

    probably 9500gt uses less energy, since it uses less powerfull than 8800...
  9. Glad you system is working well. Just keep an eye on your temps. BTW, a new PSU is most likely in your future, per the earlier discussions. Just something to keep in mind and to plan for.

    Good luck!
  10. I'm having the same problem, bought a new computer put my old graphics card into it. Now all it does is freeze just like my old computer did. Just purchased a new graphics card. So I am hoping this fixes the problem.
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