Simple compatibility check

Straight to the point..

Will this graphics card;

work comfortably with this PSU;


The PSU is what I've already got in my box, and I'd prefer not to upgrade that if necessary,
So if these two wont play nice together, what card would you recommend?

Preferably below $100, though I don't think too many 300w cards will top that.

As always, thanks for your feedback.
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  1. yes it will work perfectly.

    A better choice would be:

    if you have two slots

    if you have one slot:

    btw, you could fit a 7770 or a 7850 with that PSU.
  2. Thanks.

    I do have two slots, and was considering the 6670, but was under the impression it would require a psu upgrade.
    I'm not sure why I thought that, but the confimation is nice.

    While the 7850 is a bit out of my price range, the 7770 isn't terribly expensive..

    Do you think it would make a substantial enough difference over the 6670 to be worth the cost?

    and, All of these cards could run "comfortably" on this psu, right?
    As opposed to, say, barely meeting the minimum requirements when the psu is at full capacity..

    On a slight tangent;

    Why do video cards always recommend such greater wattages than actually necessary?
    I realize that companies build somewhat of a buffer into their recommendation, just to insure that nothing goes wrong, and that if it does, they can't be blamed, but still.. it seems pretty extreme sometimes..

    the 7850, for instance, recommends 500-600w minimum.. and you're telling me it would be fine on a 350w max psu..
    That just seems silly to me..

    Anyways, thanks for the feedback.
    I'll look into the 6670/7770 further.
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    they can all run comfortably except the 7850 which wouldn't have a ton of head room.

    Not all PSUs are equal. There are some very bad 500W PSUs that will give less 12v power than your 350W. That's why they have to recommend such a high PSU. Also, they have no idea if you are running a huge hdd raid array, 10 case fans and wtvr else.

    One thing i should have asked is your complete system specs. List them and i'll confirm.

    The 7770 is a huge step up from the 6670. If you can afford it, I'd recommend it.

    Here's how to calculate if the PSU is strong enough:
    TDP of GPU + TDP of CPU = total 12v power.

    Check if the 12v rail on the psu is greater than the total 12v power needed. Keep above 20% headroom if you are safety conscious.

    That's with decent PSUs anyway. Cheap ones should never be used. Yours is good though.

    some numbers for reference
    5670 tdp = 61W
    6570 tdp = 60W
    6670 tdp = 66W
    7770 tdp = 80W
    7850 tdp = 130W

    Sandybridge i5/i7 = 95W
    sandybridge i3 = 65W

    Tell me if you need more or just google it.
  4. Ah. That makes more sense then.

    Here's what I've got;

    Mobo: Asus m4a88t-m

    CPU: AMD phenom II x4 960T

    RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill DDR3-1333

    GPU: potentially 6670 or 7770.

    PSU: Seasonic ss-350et

    and.. you know.. some hdds and other stuff.

    That formula gives me 161 or 175w, for 6670 or 7770 respectively, and my psu is rated at 324 on 12v rail.
    Good to know how that's calculated.
  5. yup, looks good.
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  7. Thank ya mucho.
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