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retarded case and motherboard problem

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May 31, 2001 10:15:41 PM

I just bought components for a new computer. Among them are an Landmark 200 case and a msi k7t turbo motherboard.

When i first tried to put the motherboard in the case, it didn't quite fit. The both serial ports (i think that it what they are called..) and the printer port were hitting the edge of the case where they came out causing about 4 of the screws in the motherboard not to line up with the corresponding holes in the case. I thought 'no problem..... i'll just need to sand those out'

After a day of hsnd saanding and crap like that, i finally finished.... and the motherboard basically fit the case holes (it could of been better.... but it was good enough).

Yay! Now i would finally be able to put the motherboard in the case, right?

well..... yeah.....

[peep]ing [peep] piece of crap...... Well the motherbosrd fits.... but now the GODDAMN pci cards won't fit... the motherboard needs to be moved about a milimetre or two back into the case in order for the pci cards to fit.....

Unfortunately there is no way to moved the motherboard back any more.....

piss me off..........

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it the motherboard that is deformed? the case? I'm not sure that i can take the case back as i did sand it.

really pissed off ian

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June 1, 2001 5:37:28 AM

I'm not sure I understand the problem...but it seems you may not have mounted the mother board on the "stand offs." These are usually 1/4" brass spacers with a screw hole on one end and a threaded post on the other end. In order for the computer to work, the underside of the motherboard MUST NOT come in contact with the computer case, thus it is mounted on the "stand offs"

Read the following article, it may be helpful:

Let me know if this helps, or if this is not the problem.

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June 1, 2001 6:19:16 AM

thanks for your reply

the motherboard is mounted to standoffs. that is not the problem.

it is just that the when you try to put a pci card in, it doesn't quite fit... it doesn't line up properly with the case and motherboard....
June 1, 2001 2:19:30 PM

It sounds like you have a faulty case. I would call the place where you bought it and get them to exchange it for a new one.

I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.